Zlatan Ibrahimovic Vs Oguchi Onyewu: What exactly happened


Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Oguchi Onyewu had played together at AC Milan in the past. During that stint, they got into a heated argument and fight during one training session.

The fight got ugly and both the players were exchanging punches and kicks. Their teammates had to come in and separate them.

Later, in his Biography, ‘I’m Zlatan Ibrahimovic’, Zlatan wrote about this training ground fight and what led to it. According to his book, it was Oguchi Onyewu, then on loan at AC Milan, who incensed Zlatan.

He would time and again approach Zlatan and tell him that he was a trash talker and was overhyped! This happened more than once and Zlatan wrote that he could sense something horrible was on its way.

During one training session, Zlatan decided to do his ‘thing’ and went for a hard tackle on Onyewu, which Oguchi evaded. As Zlatan got up and was starting to move away, Onyewu put his hand on Zlatan’s shoulder.

This infuriated the Swede, who headbutted the player from USA. Soon, things escalated pretty quickly and it they were trading punches and kicks!

Later, Zlatan ended up having broken ribs after this episode!


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