Easiest and Safest Way to Download YouTube Videos


YouTube- the video sharing website is hugely popular with youngsters. It is a platform where we can watch and enjoy videos uploaded by users. There are hordes of videos to watch and comment on. Some are funny and hilarious, while some may be sports highlights and some other may be music videos. Sometimes, it may happen that you come across a video so good that you wish to download it! But, unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t allow users to download videos directly. I’ll show you just how to do it, and that too safely!


Even though YouTube isn’t allowing download of videos, number of 3rd party software makes this possible. There are tons of ‘YouTube video downloaders’ out there to choose from. But, before using any of them, you should read the following paragraph-


Why is it unsafe to use YouTube downloader software?

That’s right, a good proportion of those software are unsafe. The creators of these software know that the demand for them is pretty high. So, making use of this scenario, they transform the software into adware and malware.


They provide it to users for free. But, along with the software comes other unwanted components like- Malware, Adware, Badware etc.


In most of the cases, they infect the user’s computer. Most of the times, it is due to malware! This can be noticed when random ads pop up every now and then on the user’s computer!


Is there any safe way to download YouTube videos?

Okay, having explained the ‘dangerous’ stuff, it is time to describe the ‘safest’ way possible. I must say that not all downloader software are bad. Some of them are good and safe.


But what if I say that the safest way doesn’t involve a ‘downloader’ software? Yes, you read that right! Actually, VLC Media Player, the world’s most popular video player can be used as a tool to download YouTube videos! This is the safest and easiest method, fellas! And I’m going to show you how to do this.


The safest and the easiest method-

Before I start, let me ask you a question. Do you have the latest version of VLC Media Player installed in your system? I guess almost all of you have it already. In case you don’t have, download it ASAP. It is free, safe and one of the most trusted piece of software that you’ll ever come across.


Okay, downloaded it? I guess we should proceed to step 1.




copy youtube video link to download

On your web browser, open the YouTube video that you want to download. Copy its url, as shown in the figure.




network stream

Open VLC Media Player and click on ‘Media’ menu that you’ll see on the top left corner, in the menu bar. Click on the fourth option- ‘Open Network Stream’.




paste youtube link and play

Paste the url you just copied from YouTube there and click on ‘Play’ button.After clicking on ‘play’, wait for some time to let the video load up on VLC Media player. After that, go to ‘Tools’ menu on the bar and select the third option- ‘Media Information’. On doing so, a box will pop up as shown in the picture.


media information





There will be a field named ‘Location’ on the box. Copy the content present in that field.




save youtube video

Open a new tab in your browser, go to the address bar and paste the ‘location’ content there and press enter. It’ll load and will appear as shown in the figure. Once the video starts playing, you can right click and use ‘Save as’ to save the video to the desired location on your computer!


The End of the Tutorial

That’s it guys, you’ve just successfully downloaded a YouTube video using VLC Media player! This, according to me is the safest, easiest and the most efficient way to get the task done. Do try this method and let me know your responses!


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