Your Guide to Writing Great Blog Posts


Your step-by-step guide to writing great blog posts


Great blogs are made by great blog posts/content. Have you noticed the blog posts written by pro bloggers? They have a distinct style. Their blog posts are to the point, extremely useful and easy to understand. This is what separates them from the rest. This article is all about writing such great blog posts.

guide to write great blog posts

Tips to write great blog posts:


Note: Bloggers should keep a notebook handy

To write blog posts, we need topics. Sometimes, it happens that our mind brings ideas related to topics in a flash. It is up to us to jot down those ideas. This is where a notebook and pen comes handy. Whatever idea comes across your mind, scribble it down.


1 Select a topic

It may happen that you end up jotting down too many raw and rough ideas on your notebook. The next step is to sit down and select a good topic. Consider each and every idea you wrote down and analyze them. Choose the topic which you think you can write well about.

The deeper knowledge you have about the topic, the better content you will write. Ultimately, the quality of a blog’s content depends on the know-how of the blogger.


2 Read and Research if necessary

It is necessary to do a bit of research about the topic on internet. Research, reading and a bit of experimentation can make up for lack of knowledge. This will ensure that you don’t end up writing half-baked facts in your blog post.

Useless and half-baked facts will ruin your blog’s reputation. Readers will no more be interested in visiting your blog. So it is always good to research and read about a topic before writing.


3 Word Count

Keep your blog post to the point. Don’t make it unnecessarily long or too short (below 300 words). Nowadays, people don’t have time and patience to read insanely long posts. People often tend to ‘scan’ through your post. They just go through headings and highlighted items.

Blog posts should be written keeping this in mind. Highlight important lines, underline them etc to assist people ‘scan’ through fast. If you can’t keep the blog post short (it happens), use infographics and charts to cut down the word count. They are much easier to understand than words. Don’t use ‘difficult to understand’ words. Keep it simple!


4 Use relevant images

Blog posts should contain relevant images. Don’t overdo it though. Images attract people’s attention. You may also use ‘pinnable’ images on your blog post. This will encourage people using Pinterest to pin it. This is a great way to use attract traffic from Pinterest.


5 Write for humans but don’t ignore SEO

Don’t let your blog post become a collection of keywords assembled together. Write for your readers. But don’t ignore SEO altogether. This is when smart SEO plugins like WordPress SEO and SEO Pressor comes handy. The latter is a premium plugin.


6 Spacing and text size of content

Always keep this in mind- readers must be able to read your post easily, without any discomfort. Use adequate space between paragraphs. Don’t set the text size too small. If possible, make your blog post a ‘list’ styled one.


7 Provide Internal links to related posts

Put internal links related to the blog posts. This will be of much help to the reader. Suppose a reader is reading an article on SEO, he might love to read other SEO related articles too.

This will also reduce bounce rate and keeps the reader engaged! Make the links open in new tab. This will allow the reader to finish reading the present post.


8 Revise and proofread

After you finish typing a post, revise it. Go through it 2-3 times. Look for spelling mistake and grammar errors. Try to shorten very long sentences (break them up into two or more).

That’s it friends. Hope you liked my tips. These tips will surely improve the quality of your blog’s content. If you want to anything to this list, you may do so in the comments. Make your next blog post awesome!


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