8 reasons why WordPress is the best Blogging Platform


8 reasons why WordPress is the best Blogging Platform


There are many blogging platforms available at the moment. New bloggers often get confused when it comes to selecting the best one. Blogging platforms are actually CMSs (Content Management System). The most popular blogging platforms are WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr. And yes, these platforms are freely available! All the blogging platforms, to an extent are good. But, with that being said, there has to be a ‘best one’ among all the CMS, right?


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The number of blogging software is much more than you imagine. There are new ones being introduced consistently. But most of these new ones are more or less based on established players like WordPress and Blogger. Now, let us come back to the point- the best blogging platform available right now. After much ‘research’ and discussion with fellow bloggers, I’ve come to the conclusion that WordPress is the best in business right now. WordPress was released in 2003 and it completed its 10th anniversary on May this year.

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Much to choose from!

Don’t get disheartened Blogger users/fans. Blogger finished a close second in our survey! Here are some reasons why WordPress is the best blogging platform at present:

#1 WordPress has the Best User Interface

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The best thing about blogging platforms is that they are easy to use. Even guys who don’t know how to code can manage ‘cool looking’ blogs with the help of blogging platforms available today. This, according to me is one of the main purposes of a CMS. When it comes to ease of use, WordPress is voted the number one among hordes of blogging software.

The User Interface of WordPress is neat, clean and intuitive. People can easily learn their way around a WordPress dashboard effortlessly. It has element of Microsoft Word in it. It is this simplicity that users love and makes WordPress the best platform to blog. Thus, with its super intuitive and easy to use interface, WordPress is favorite among both established and newbie bloggers.

#2 Frequent Updates and enhanced security


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WordPress updates its blogging CMS regularly and more frequently than other CMSs. With new updates comes new useful features and enhanced security. Many sites active on the internet run on CMSs like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr etc. So, hackers and similar miscreant are working on ways to compromise the security of such CMSs. With the passage of time, CMSs become more vulnerable to hacker attacks, viruses, malware etc. Such vulnerabilities can only be overcome when one stays one step ahead of the miscreants. So, in order to keep such security threats at bay, WordPress makes it a point to update its blogging platform regularly and beef up the security setup. The latest WordPress version, 3.6, is named ‘Oscar’.

#3 Awesome device support

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WP can be used on all!
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WordPress can not only be used on laptops and PCs but also on Android phones, i Phone, Tablets, Windows Phone, Blackberry etc. WordPress has its application for all the above mentioned devices. Again, these apps are also updated frequently. So, if you are a travel often and want to start and maintain a blog, then WordPress won’t let you down! You can easily add new pages, posts and comment using the WordPress apps for mobile devices.

#4 Large Community of users, developers and good Support

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Majority of the blogs use and trust WordPress. WordPress has a large and active community of users and developers. The advantage of having such a large and active community is that whenever a problem arises, it gets solved immediately. There are loads of WordPress help communities and sites out there. So, when it comes to support, WordPress is the best among blogging platforms. Suppose you have a problem in using WordPress, just head to WordPress’ support forum and post your problem there. Your problem will be solved within minutes by members!

#5 Loads of useful Plugins

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Plugins enhance productivity
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As mentioned above, WordPress has a large community of developers. These developers play a key role in developing useful and productive plugins. Plugins add to the productivity of WordPress CMS. Majority of these useful plugins are available for free. Some of them are premium plugins and comes at a small price.

Some of the most important and freely available plugins are- WP Supercache (caching plugin), All in one SEO (SEO plugin), Akismet (anti spam plugin) etc. The wide variety and choice of free plugins is a major advantage to WordPress users.

#6 SEO advantages


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Yes, WordPress gives its users an SEO advantage! The availability of top quality SEO plugins for free plays a key role in enhanced SEO of WordPress blogs. In addition to that, features on WordPress like customized permalinks, tags, image SEO, easy user interface etc.

#7 Premium Plugins and Themes are actually not much expensive

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Cheap is in!
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Just like free plugins, WordPress also has a big collection of free themes. Now, when it comes to Premium themes and plugins, WordPress again has an impressive and big collection. There are many developers and programmers who make premium themes and plugins. These themes and plugins are much better, efficient and productive than the free ones. And you don’t need to have deep pockets to buy premium content!

The large number of developers of premium content ensures that the contents are top quality and reasonably priced. Competition among the developers has resulted in slashed prices of premium content! And all this comes with excellent support and after sales services. So, if you want to take you blog to the next level, WordPress is the best blogging platform!

#8 Dedicated WordPress Hosting


Dedicated WP hosts are better.
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Thanks to WordPress’ popularity and large user base, many well known hosting companies have come up with special ‘WordPress Hosting’ plans. Dedicated hosting not only optimizes your WordPress blog and makes it fast, but it is also relatively cheap compared to traditional hosting. Your blog will thus run faster on dedicated WP hosting plans! All this can be done without breaking the bank!

So, these are the eight reasons why WordPress is the bet blogging platform available. Just check out this list of top blogs made by Technorati. You will see that majority of these top blogs use WordPress CMS. Also go through this list of Awards and accolades won by WordPress. These facts and the opinion of millions of satisfied bloggers are enough to prove that WordPress is the number one blogging platform.


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