Why does February have only 28 days?


Why does February has only 28 days?



According to a legend, this is the reason why February has only 28 days. Note that it is not a scientific explanation.

February has 28 days. On leap years, one day gets added to make it 29 days. All the other months have either 30 or 31 days. So, why February is an exception? Why on freaking earth does February has less days? Read to find the reason:

Initially, like rest of the months, February too had 30 days. That was until two bad-ass Kings decided to shorten this month. The kings were Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar.

The month of July was named after Julius Caesar. He did it so that the future generation remembered his name. He thus got a month named after him. July had 30 days in the beginning. He added one more day to it, taken from February, so that his month is not behind others in any way.

Augustus Caesar succeeded Julius. Augustus too followed this tradition. The month of February was named after him. He too, just like Julius, wanted his month to be superior than others. He too borrowed a day from February to add it to August.

All this borrowing resulted in February getting reduced to just 28 days. On leap years, one day gets added to it to have 29 days.


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