How to renew WhatsApp subscription for free

Which is the hottest instant messaging app at the moment? Without any doubt, the answer will be ‘WhatsApp’. Ever since it was created, WhatsApp has been on a rise! It rose so much in prominence that Facebook decided to buy it! Thanks to this app, messaging has got a whole new look and feel. No one uses the traditional messaging service anymore, with WhatsApp offering such economical and fast service. This app, when first installed, is free for the duration of one year. After this period, the license will expire and the user will have to pay a fee of 55 Rupees to renew the subscription for another year. This subscription fee can be avoided, using a trick. I’m about to reveal that trick in this article.

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Though the 55 Rupees that the developers at WhatsApp ask for, to buy subscription for a year, is not a big deal, many people are wary to spend this amount. Many folks are skeptic about the mode of payment. This is what forces people to look for ways to extend the subscription period free of cost! I understand their problems and feelings, whatever it is! This article will prove to be a boon for such folks.


Renewing subscription period of WhatsApp for free-


Step 1- Delete your existing account

WhatsApp offers free service for 1 year. So, when this free use period is coming to an end, delete your account by going to ‘Settings’ section on the app. Delete the account and remove the app from your phone.


Step 2- Create new account using the same number from new/reset phone

The next step is to create a new account using the same number. This can be done by installing the app on a new phone or a phone that has been thoroughly reset, 2-3 times, and all data permanently deleted.

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Motivational WhatsApp DPs

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Once WhatsApp is installed on such a device and the number verified using your existing number, you may find that 1 year subscription period, free, has been allotted to you!

Now you may install WhatsApp on your phone or any other phone, verify this number and avail free subscription that you just got!


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