WhatsApp profile picture (DP) size

What exactly is the size of the profile picture displayed on WhatsApp– this is a question that has been confusing many folks. Because, despite their attempts to use the full image, WhatsApp almost always manages to get the DP cropped, thereby leaving out crucial parts of the image. Here, we’ll see what exactly is the size of display picture that we sport on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Logo on smartphone

Size of WhatsApp DP

I did an experiment and uploaded a rectangle shaped picture of mine. Naturally, WhatsApp asked me to crop it and showed the ‘cropper’. I extended the lines to the maximum capacity and checked the new cropped image. When I managed to check out the dimension of the cropped profile picture that was being shown, I found it to be 290 Pixels in height and 290 Pixels in Width.

Next time, I took a picture of the exact dimension- 290*290 Pixels and uploaded it to make it the DP. Bingo, the cropper just managed to contain the whole image!

But remember that to use an entire image as the DP, it doesn’t necessarily have to 290*290 Pixels in size! You can use a whole image as your profile picture without cropping, by making it square shaped. This can be done by making the height and width measures of an image to be the same. Also check out – Independence Day WhatsApp DPs, Messages, Quotes and Status.

That above link will take you to a detailed article that I wrote on the same topic in the past.


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