Tips to Enjoy Uttarayan to its Fullest in 2014


Uttarayan, Gujarat’s own kite flying festival, is around the corner! The festival falls on 14th January, 2014, Makar Sankranthi day. Just a week to go before the big day arrives! And now, in Gujarat, we can see that children and some grown-ups have started flying kites on their roof tops! I’ll tell you how to enjoy Uttarayan this year to its fullest.





The craze of Uttarayan and kite flying is declining each year. 5 years ago, kites, loads of them could be seen flying in the sky, even weeks before Maker Sankranthi! But fast forward to 2014, the number of kites soaring in the sky has reduced much!


Don’t know what went wrong! Not sure whether the number of kite enthusiasts got reduced or people are not having time for flying kites! I guess it is the lack of time that is responsible for the reduced number of kites.


How to enjoy Uttarayan to its fullest in 2014

Here, I’m gonna tell you some timeless ways to enjoy Uttarayan to its fullest this year! Go through my list guys-


#1 Purchase Kites After Much Research

By research, I don’t mean ‘scientific research’. By research, I mean that you should go to more than one shop. Before buying kites blindly, inspect its quality and make.

kites for uttarayan

Buy kites wisely!


If possible, take an ‘experienced kite fan’ with you to the shop. I think that’ll help you buy the best quality kites. Don’t forget to buy in bulk amount and avail discounts!


#2 How, when and where to buy manja (thread)-

The quality of the manja (thread) plays a crucial role in flying kites. Don’t rush with the process of getting your manja prepared. I mean, instead of going to prepare manja on the last day, make sure that you get this process done early.


This is because most of the reputed thread makers usually get too busy during the final days. They already have so much work pending usually, during this time of the year. So, if you think that you’ll get the job done late, then I guess you won’t get your thread prepared by good makers!


And please don’t purchase those nylon and synthetic thread. They are quite dangerous. Now, I’m not saying that there is no danger involved with the other threads. All of them are dangerous if misused. But still, the nylon ones are too notorious!


#3 Set-Up a kick-ass music system

Now-a-days, Uttarayan celebration is not complete without music and DJ systems. Okay, I agree that it is fun. But please don’t do it in a way that it disturbs your neighbors!


Dj system

Turn up the music!


I guess it’s okay to play loud music on 14th January though! Make sure that you assemble good quality speakers and arrange it well on your roof top. Also prepare a good playlist, consisting of some hit tracks and pumping music!


#4 Enjoy Uttarayan delicacies!

Like music, food is an integral part of Uttarayan. There are so many Uttarayan special delicacies! And these delicacies differ from place to place within Gujarat. Some of these delicacies are- Chikki, Til nu Laddu, Undhiyu, Khichdo with Tal nu tel.


food on Uttarayan

Enjoy delicacies on Makar Sankranthi!


Make it a point to keep munching on these snacks while you are flying kites! Man, this is the part I enjoy the most!


#5 Buy awesome sunglasses

You simply can’t fly kites without gazing at the sky! And most folks, on Uttarayan, spend the whole day gazing at the sky!



Buy one!


This can damage the eye. Particularly during the noon time, when Sun will be over our head! This is when sunglasses comes to our rescue!


Don’t go for the fake plastic ones. I know that they are cheap and attractive. But, in the long run, they may prove harmful to our eyes!


Buy branded sunglasses if possible. They’ll last longer and make you look like a rock-star (basically like me!).


#6 Take Safety precautions

Stay safe and alert. While on roof top, be alert and also keep an eye on others, especially small children. Don’t run wildly after kites, especially on roads! This can result in fatal accidents and affect other too!


Don’t throw loose manja here and there. It can cause problems to people riding bikes and bicycles. It may even cost lives! Wind up loose string and dispose them safely somewhere.


Lastly, don’t forget the birds, to whom the sky belongs! If you find a bird, which got hurt by the strings, please make sure that you contact local NGOs or Wild Life societies and inform the incident.


How are you going to enjoy Uttarayan?

Those were my tips for you guys. Now, tell me how are you going to rock Uttarayan this time? I’d love to hear from you! Use the comment section to express your views. Have a safe and happy Uttarayan! Enjoy with your friends and family!


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