Uttar Pradesh Government funny memes


Uttar Pradesh Government funny memes


The Uttar Pradesh Government it seems doesn’t require efficient and honest IAS and IPS officers! They recently suspended and IAS officer named Durga Shakti Nagpal. It is being alleged that the real reason behind this suspension is Durga’s stern actions against the local sand mafia. Her suspension has led to protests across the country. Check out our rage comic related to this topic.

uttar pradesh government memes

So, after all the action, I got the real reason why ‘UP sarkaar’ suspended her. Well, Uttar Pradesh Government, according to the ministers will perform much well under the control of criminals, goons and corrupt police officials than under IAS and IPS officers. Show your support for Durga Shakti Nagpal. This rage comic has been created in hurry, so it hasn’t been edited very well. Hope you viewers don’t mind it.


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