The ultimate 3 Bizarre Mysteries of India


The ultimate 3 Bizarre Mysteries of India


We all love to read about mysteries and bizarre/ odd events. We at apnaahangout understand your love for mysteries and bizarre happenings. That’s why we have put together this list of mysteries of India. Yes, India is home to many unsolved mysteries, bizarre and odd events and customs. We will post more lists related to Indian mysteries and bizarre events. But first, enjoy this list of bizarre and mysterious events of incredible India.

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#1 The Monkey Man mystery

The ‘Monkey man’ haunted the people of Delhi, capital of India, during the year of 2001. Many theories exist about the monkey man. Some witnesses say it was a monster monkey while some others say that the creature was half human, half monkey and is colored black.


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People even claimed that the monkey man was a robot with claws made of Iron! Various cases of attacks by monkey man were reported in the year 2001. People who usually slept on open terrace to beat the heat were the usual victims of the monkey man. Deaths were also reported due to monkey man attacks. The fear of monkey man soon gripped the whole city.

The police and the authorities couldn’t catch this ‘mysterious creature’. You can read more about the monkey man mystery of India here.

#2 Blood Rain in Kerala


The blood rain is another bizarre event that occurred in India. It didn’t rain blood, but the rain water was red/brownish red in color, resembling blood. This event though bizarre, has some scientific explanations behind it. Blood rains were reported in the south Indian state of Kerala. Blood rains have been reported during 2001, 2006. It gained attention in 2006, when it was reported that the red color of the rain water was due to the presence of extra-terrestrial living cells present in the water. This claim was later challenged and proved wrong.

Many explanations exist regarding the red color of rain water. One popular explanation is the mixing up of meteor debris and rain water. Another theory is the presence of some kind of algae in the rain water, which causes the water to look red in color. Read more about the blood rain mystery of India here.

#3 Ghost Light Mystery


The ghost light mystery is common in the desert area of Kutch in Gujarat, India. Ghost light mystery has also been reported in the marshy lands of Bengal. We have an entire article dedicated to the ghost light mystery here on apnaahangout. The locals call it ‘Chir Batti’. It translates to ‘Ghost light’. The lights, as witnesses say, hangs in the air, few feet above the ground. It changes its color from bright white to blue, red etc. It moves in random directions. It is said that whoever follows the light are taken away from the roads and they get lost in the desert! Read more about the bizarre light mystery of India here.


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