Twitter joins Rajinikanth! Did I say something wrong?


Finally, Twitter has joined Rajinikanth! Oops, guess I wrote that sentence wrong. But then, Thalaivaa is not the average guy who joins Twitter! It is Twitter that has to join him! Okay, set all the jokes apart, Rajinikanth has officially joined Twitter! The Tamil Super Star, who is treated like a God by his fans, has finally decided to take on to Twitter to express his thoughts and messages with his followers.


Matching his on screen charisma and status, his Twitter stats also impressed many! As soon as he joined, and got his Twitter handle verified, followers started pouring in. Within hours, he got followers in the region of lakhs! Well, the thalaivan has proved that who the real boss is!


It seems like he also has a good team behind this work. They have already started Tweeting out, addressing followers and thanking them. In fact, the first Tweet was addressed at fans, thanking them! This also shows how grateful and humble this man is.


It won’t be a surprise if Rajinikanth’s Twitter handle goes on to break some Twitter records in India! At the same time, Twitter joins Rajinikanth jokes and memes are also rolling out! Well, the title of this article is inspired by those very jokes! Facebook also has reported that #Rajinikanth has been trending for the past few hours. Guess that the superstar is all set to rule the major social media networks!



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