Truth about Shweta Menon Molestation Case Complaint


Recently, news was reported that malayali actress Shweta Menon was molested by a member of Parliament during a public function. Shweta Menon also lodged a complaint regarding this issue against the MP Peetambara Kurup.

What could be the truth behind retracting of complaint by her?


The details of the complaint filed by Shweta Menon against Peetambara Kurup were made public by various Malayalam NEWS channels. According to reports made by various channels and sources, Shweta in her complaint reported that the MP touched her in a way that left her feeling insulted.

truth behind retraction of complaint


Also, it is being reported that in her complaint, Shweta alleged that the MP touched her hips and escorted her off the stage. Video and visual clips being shown on regional NEWS channels also show this clearly.

But things have taken a U-turn now. Shweta lodged the police complaint on Sunday. Now it is being reported that she has retracted that complaint. Sounds ridiculous, right? But you must believe it. Shweta Menon has retracted the complaint she had lodged against MP Peetambara Kurup.

She said that she ‘forgave’ the aged MP. But is it the truth? Or did Shweta came under pressure from other political sources and was forced to retract the complaint? It must be noted that MP Peetambara Kurup is a member of the ruling party in Kerala. The opposition left Wing had started to mount pressure on UDF Government regarding this issue.

The UDF Government has already has had its fair share of controversy in the ‘Solar Scam’. Hardly the Solar scam had settled than another one (Shweta molestation) looked all set to give them headaches! But with Shweta retracting the complaint, it looks that the momentum that this case had gained will slow down.

As far as the reason of this retraction of the complaint goes, we have to believe what Shweta says. But we will never know if she was forced to retract it after coming under pressure from various quarters. We will have to wait to know the truth.


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