Top WordPress Social Sharing Plugins That Loads Fast


WordPress Social Sharing plugins that loads really fast!

Blogging has developed a lot during the past few years. Particularly after the success of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, blogging has undergone a revolution! As far as bloggers are concerned, these mega social networking sites are sources of huge traffic, ready to be exploited. WordPress developers took this opportunity by its neck and have produced/are producing social sharing, bookmarking and follow plugins. Here, I will bring to your attention some of the lesser known, but incredibly fast social sharing plugins for your WordPress blogs.

WordPress social sharing plugins that are fast

Useful and Fast!


Sharing one’s blog and its posts on these social sites guarantees new visitors to your blog. The primary task of social sharing plugins is to allow visitors to like and share your content on various social networking and bookmarking sites.


There are loads of useful (but fancy) social sharing plugins out there. They look attractive, having eye-catching design. But they lack a very important feature- speed. Yes, most of these plugins are slow loading ones. Installing them ensures that your blog gets its fair share of social ‘likes’ and ‘tweets’, but it also ensures that your blog loads terribly slow (sometimes).


I’m not saying that speed is everything! But visitors love a fast loading blog. Better yet, even big daddy Google loves fast websites and blogs. So, how to have a great set of social sharing plugins without compromising much on the page load speed? You will find the answer right here! Here are some of the WordPress plugins that not only increases your blog’s social reach, but also loads very fast without any trouble!

Async Social Sharing

This is the sharing plugin that I’m using on my blog right now. So far so good. What’s great about this plugin is that it loads asynchronously. As its name suggests, this plugin lets other content load before it and never blocks any content from loading.

It has social sharing buttons of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Hackernews. Yes, this plugin doesn’t offer the tons of sharing sites that other plugins like AddThis and Digg Digg offers. But this plugin, unlike the above mentioned ones, doesn’t affect the blog’s performance negatively.

Lazy Social Buttons

Created by GoDaddy, this plugin is also a brilliant one. When a blog loads, this plugin displays the social sharing buttons as small sprites. When the user hovers the mouse over the sprite, it spring to life! The buttons offered by this plugin are- Facebook Like, Tweet button and G+ button.

Floating Social Bar

I think this is the plugin (among the plugins in this list), that has got the best looks. The good looks comes loaded with great performance too! Created by the folks at WPBeginner, this plugin adds a horizontal, floating bar of social sharing buttons to your blog posts.

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? It also looks and works pretty cool! Just like the previous entry, this plugin also doesn’t load the sharing buttons at once. The social buttons are completely loaded only when the visitor brings the mouse near the ‘replica’ buttons with counts.

According to the creators of this plugin, its features are : slim and fast, easy to use etc. And I must add that the users of this plugin also affirm these facts!


That’s it friends, end of the list! Yes, I agree that the list is very short. But out of the loads of plugins I tested, these top 3 stood out with their functionality and performance. I admit that there are great social sharing plugins like AddThis, Digg Digg, Share This etc. But I found one thing lacking in these plugins- speed. The three plugins that I mentioned above does their job well, i.e sharing blog posts on Social networking sites, and are fast too!


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