Top tips to save money

For many of us money is a major issue. A large part of our country’s population is BPL(Below Poverty Line). At the end of the month we spend more than what we actually planned to spend at the beginning of the month. Why does it happens so? Well, blame it on some of our habits and our lack of planning. Below are some ways to save extra money each month.

Money Matters!

Money Matters!


Make a budget:

This is where many youngsters take the beating! The less we plan and track our spending, the more we end up spending! At the beginning of the month, draw up a budget and plan the amount of money you are going to spend on travel, food, entertainment, education, clothes etc. Unexpected expenses may happen but make take a note of it and try to save that the next month. Haven’t thought of a budget yet? Get your ass up and make one!


Buy only what you need:

Thanks to online shopping portals (hey you can shop here too!) and mushrooming malls, people have a vast variety of choice! ‘Shopaholic’ is the word used to describe shopping crazy folks. But why shop if we don’t need it? The malls are designed so as to indulge the patrons in shopping. The big banners and the ambience often force us into buying things we don’t need. What should be done here? Simple! Make a list of things you plan to buy and stick to it while at the mall. Don’t buy shit that you don’t need.

Why eat out? Cook your own food :

For many working professionals food is a major issue. They tend to eat out from canteens and hotels. Travelers also face this problem. But why eat the unhealthy and expensive food at all? Get up early, get into the kitchen and cook up some healthy food for lunch and breakfast. It saves money and is healthy also. Bonus: it tastes homely too!


Travel issues? Use Public transport:

Do you use bike or car to commute daily? Well earlier it wasn’t a problem. Now, given the rising fuel prices, it is logical to use the public transport instead. Trains and buses are not only cheap, by depending on them we are reducing pollution. Better yet buy a bicycle and start riding it to your office and back if possible. Good for the environment and for you too! Live in a place which is near your workplace. Go green is the mantra.


Reduce your Mobile bill:

Can’t stay off your phone? Have long chats with your boyfriend/ girlfriend? If yes, you must be paying a handsome amount for your phone bills. To reduce the bill, opt for a plan that suits your need while keeping the tariffs low. For example different network operators offer cheap local calls, cheap national calls etc. Texting is also a viable option. Better yet use skype, whatsapp and other such platforms which are dirt cheap or free of cost. You can also use e-mails to communicate instead of phone calls.



Many of us don’t consider bargaining with the vegetable hawkers and the street side shop owners. If you are serious about saving some money then open your mouth and do some good old bargaining. There is nothing to lose but to win there is money!

Save electricity:

This is easy to do and very important also. Saving electricity means saving money and the environment at the same time. Keep light and fan off when not in use. Use Air Conditioners and heaters judiciously.


Quit cigarette/alchohol:

This new year, why not quit smoking/ alchohol? Not only will it give your health a boost, but help you save a good amount. Quit it!


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Fine-tune your vehicle:

Make sure that your vehicle is well maintained. Get it serviced periodically. Check the oil and tyre pressure on a regular basis. If left unchecked these small things will result in a bigger problem and burn a hole in your pocket. Prevention is better than cure!


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