Top Commenting (For Backlinks) Etiquette and Tips


To succeed in blogging, many factors have to be worked upon by a blogger. Getting backlinks to his/her blog is one such important factor. While there are loads of paid backlink schemes out there, they are not worth the money and may ultimately prove harmful to a blog. One of the most simple and commonly used method to get backlinks is by commenting on other blogs. This method can be used to get do follow links back to our blog. Here, we will be discussing about some ‘etiquette’ and tips related to commenting (to get backlinks).

etiquettes to follow while commenting for backlinks

Go for quality comments!

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While commenting to get backlink is not wrong, it sometimes end up annoying fellow webmasters. With the arrival of commenting plugins like CommentLuv (that offers ready backlinks), comments on blogs have become more or less spam! These etiquette will ensure that this doesn’t happen.

1 Read the whole post before commenting

Many bloggers don’t even read the whole blog post before commenting on it. This happens when their main aim is to just comment and thus get a backlink. This trend needs to change. Make sure that you go through the article before commenting on it.

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This will not only improve the quality of your comment, but will also increase your knowledge (since you read the whole blog post!). So, next time you set out to comment, first read the entire article!

2 Don’t Spam

This may be the second entry on this list, but it is as important as the first. The main aim while commenting should be to not end up in the ‘spam’ section!

3 Be a problem solver/ask questions

Most of the bloggers just shoot a comment like- ‘Thanks’ or ‘Good post’. But commenting can be much more than that! Comments can be used as a platform to raise questions and solve them.

Instead of just commenting useless thanking phrases, comment on blogs to answer queries or ask questions. By answering queries of other commenters, you gain respect among them (along with juicy backlink!). And by asking questions, your doubt will most likely get cleared (if someone answers your question).

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These are the top 3 etiquette that should be followed while commenting on others’ blogs. I think if every blogger religiously follow them, it will benefit each and all! When it comes to commenting, it shouldn’t be just about getting backlinks, the priority should be quality discussion!


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