Top Cliffside Cities around the world

Travelers around the world have one thing in common- the urge to find a unique and beautiful location to visit. The most prominent places of visit are: beaches, historical cities, hill-stations etc. Have you heard of Cliffside cities? These cities or towns were constructed on Cliffside due to various reasons. Being perched on a Cliff, the views and landscape on the offering are breathtaking and unique. Check out some breathtakingly beautiful Cliffside cities.


Ronda- Malaga, Spain

Situated in the Malaga province, this city is located on two cliffs to be precise. It is situated at a height of 750m above the sea level. The Puente Neuvo bridge (New Bridge) is a major attraction here. The bridge’s construction was completed in 1793.


It took 42 years to complete its construction. Rondo was originally made for the purpose of keeping the prisoners of the Spanish Civil War. Bull-Fighting as a modern sport was developed in this part of Spain. Another highlight is the fact that artists Ernest Hemingway and Orson Wells spent parts of their lives here.


Manarola- Liguria, Italy


Italy has always been a favorite among travel enthusiasts. Rome, Naples, Milan offer many interesting sights and culture. Manarola is situated in the Liguria province of Italy. There are a number of Cliffside cities across Italy, but this one has something special about it. It is well known for its colorfulness and beauty. The city is famous for its wine production. Schiacchetra, the local wine is famous all over the world.


Castellfollit de la Roca- Girona, Spain

This village is located in the Catalonia province of Spain. It has a population of around 1,000 people. The village is surrounded by cliffs on two sides. A tourist hot-spot, the village is a beautiful location to spend summers.


Al Hajjarah- Manakhah, Yemen

Located in Manakhah district in the Haraz Mountains. If you are heading to Yemen, then this is a must visit site. The city was made by the Ottoman leaders during the 11th century. Back then this place had great military importance due to the presence of the Cliffs. There still exists an Ottoman style in the buildings and pieces of architecture. The place is also favourite among trekking enthusiasts. The challenging terrain is a dream destination for trekkers.


Bonifacio- Corse-du-Sud, France

This city has an interesting story about it. It is located on Corsica island This Cliffside city was established in order to keep an eye on the enemy provinces. The cliffs offered an advantageous position to spy upon surrounding enemies. The place was specifically designed so as to keep an eye on enemies. One can get a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea from here.


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