Top 8 Languages spoken around the world


Top 8 Languages spoken around the world

Top 8 Languages

There are so many languages spoken around the world! But which languages are the most spoken ones? Well, you will soon find out about the top languages spoken around the world by people. This list is all about the ‘Top 8 languages’ spoken by people around the world. This list has been submitted to us by Jayesh Makwana.

Top 8 most spoken languages
Rank Language Speakers of the Language
1 Chinese 845,456,760
2 Spanish 328,518,810
3 English 328,008,138
4 Arabic 221,002,544
5 Hindi 181,676,620
6 Bengali 181,272,900
7 Portuguese 177,981,570
8 Russian 143,533,950

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That was all about the top 8 languages spoken around the world. This list about top languages has been submitted by Jayesh Makwana. Jayesh is on Facebook, say hi to him on Facebook  here! You too may submit such lists and articles. Please go to the ‘write for us’ section on our site to submit articles and lists.


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