Top 5 factors eating up football

The world’s most favorite sport has problems of its own. Despite the larger than life events and legions of loyal followers, the scenario is not an all-pleasant affair. Yes, the game is growing, spreading wildly onto non-following countries. The best example is the increase in the following of soccer events in India. Beneath these appreciable feats lurks some events which will suck out all the goodness out from the game. Let’s take a look at them.


FIFA has vowed to kick this evil out time and again, only for it to pop its head again and again. Latest high profile victim: Kevin Prince Boateng.  Many fan-groups are notorious for resorting to racist chants during matches. Racism has to be stopped at any cost.

Financial Debts:

For the common follower, football is a money minting event. He is true to a certain extent. Players earn a fortune, clubs splash out record sums to lure in a player. But post-recession, many big clubs are finding bucks hard to come by. Best example: AC Milan. They had to sell their star pair of- Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva, thanks to their lack of financial stability. Unless these clubs manage their finances more efficiently, we can expect further bankruptcies.


Despite Sepp Blatter’s efforts to eliminate corruption from FIFA, it still is in a sorry-state when it comes to corruption.  There are allegations that Qatar ‘bought’ the right to host the World Cup. Many officials have siphoned in money using their power and position in the federation. Two officials are known to take millions of dollars from a marketing company, which was involved in 2002 and 2006 World Cups.

Match Fixing scandals:

Match Fixing and sportsmanship doesn’t go hand in hand. It is a rather un-holy combination. Time and again, such scandals come out to grab eyeballs and cause temporary furore among fans and media. Italian Serie A has recently garnered attention due to fixing scandals. Some arrests were also made as part of the investigation. The best example of fixing uncovered is the 2006 Calciopoli scandal involving many high-profile Serie A clubs. Juventus were demoted to Serie B after investigations.

Money-Bag owners:

Well, I have two good examples when it comes to this topic: PSG and Manchester City. After being taken over by cash rich owners, they have literally ‘spent’ their way to glory. PSG haven’t won big yet, but City won the Premier League last year. They worked hard to win it, but ‘money-factor’ played a role not too small to ignore.

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