Top 18 tips to save electricity


Top 18 tips to save electricity


Here are 18 tips to save electricity and thereby, your money:

Electric Pole- Flickr/LOC

Electric Pole- Flickr/LOC


For Refrigerator:

Always buy five star rated fridge. They are more energy efficient than low rated ones. Don’t always go for big size, buy only according to your requirement.

Frost free fridges consume more electricity. Think twice before you buy one.

Place your fridge at least 15cm away from the wall.

Don’t put hot food items directly into fridge. Allow it to cool before placing it inside.

De-frost your fridge once in two weeks.

Clean the condenser coil behind the fridge regularly.

Don’t open and/or close the door frequently.


For Air Conditioner:

Always keep the windows and doors closed while the AC is on.

Try not to place heat emitting devices like bulbs in the room, where AC is used.

Clean the filter at regular intervals.

Switch off the AC at least half hour before you leave the room.


For Fan:

Use electronic regulator instead of the ordinary regulator.

While fixing the fan, remember to keep a distance of at least 1 foot between the blade of fan and the ceiling.

Don’t use fans to drive away mosquitoes. Try other methods to eliminate mosquitoes.


For Iron-box:

While ironing clothes, just try to do it efficiently and fast. Don’t go for multitasking while ironing clothes.

While ironing, finish off the clothes that require more heat, then plug off the box, iron other clothes that require less heat.


For Mobile phones:

Always remember to unplug the charger from the socket after charging your phone.


For Computers:

Always remember to enable the auto-sleep mode. So, even if you forget to switch off your computer, it will go into sleep mode.


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