Top 11 Engineering branches to do for getting jobs easily

One in every six 12th science passed student in India chooses Engineering studies as the main course to pursue. The sheer number of Engineering aspirants and graduates is increasing each year. While this can be said to be a good trend, there is a downside to it too. Most Engineering trades are getting excessively saturated. The best example is the saturation of IT and Computer Science fields. Due to large scale saturation, the job market is extremely volatile. For graduates, getting a well paying job in these fields is difficult. Especially, graduates coming out of not so well known Colleges struggle. This has been the case since recession hit the global market few years ago. That is why selecting less saturated, relatively new/fresh and job oriented Engineering courses have become necessary. Here, I’ll publish for you a quick list of such branches that still have good job scope around the world.


List of Engineering branches that offers good job scope after graduation

engineering branches for getting jobs easily

#1 Mining Engineering

Related to mining minerals and other natural resources. Involves learning about various techniques, machinery and management related to the mining industry. Many Government Colleges and Private Universities offer this course in India. Due to the relatively less number of takers, this field is not saturated much. Further, mining, as an industry, is scaling new heights with time! A perfect choice, I must say.


#2 Mechatronics Engineering

This branch has found its way to many other lists of me too! It is a branch that is an amalgamation of other two branches. It is a combination of Mechanical Engineering and Electronics Engineering. So a graduate is supposed to have the knowledge of two worlds of Engineering! This is what many industries see as an attraction, in such graduates. So, owing to this reason, the job opportunities are ample, across the world.


#3 Environmental Engineering

The bad news is that we are degrading our Environment each day. But the good news is that we can work the other way also, working towards reversing the damage and inventing smarter, eco friendly solutions. Environmental Engineering is a medium, through which you can develop such smart solutions. Many industries are now supposed to have an Environmental Engineering graduate on board, who will see to the eco friendly initiatives of that factory/industry. Also, Government jobs for graduates are also there in ample amount.


#4 Audio and Video Engineering

This branch too, has less takers, when compared to other branches of Engineering. But this one is not short on potential and career scope though! Music industry and film industry are the main recruiters, when it comes to this branch. But there are other job opportunities too, in fields like- Telecommunication, Research, Defence related industries etc.


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#5 Design Engineering

This branch is dedicated to solely design and creation aspects of products and goods. The aim of this branch is to deal with innovation, when it comes to products, in terms of its designing and functionality. You may also check – Engineering entrance exams in India.


#6 Fire and Safety Engineering

This branch deals with various aspects of fire and safety technology, like- uses, safety, innovation etc. The safety part of this course is the more appealing one. Because, graduates can easily get job as a safety officer in almost any industry! Because, each and every factory is supposed to have a safety officer!


#7 Bio Medical Engineering

A combination of Biology and Engineering, this course is promising for the progress of mankind. Due to the advancements made in this field, there will be telling impact on the manufacturing of medicines and health care procedures and products.


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#8 Aircraft Maintenance

In many countries, this particular field has been treated as a special branch of Engineering! Various aspects of aircraft machinery, maintenance, research etc are being taught in this field. The aviation industry is all set to see new developments and rise. So, this field is also expected to have good job opportunities and pay-scale.


#9 Electro Mechanical Engineering

A combination of classic Electrical and Mechanical Engineering branches. The value of graduates of this branch is particularly high, since they have knowledge and skills necessary to tackle both Electrical and Mechanical fields! For many industries, this is an asset that they want to see in individuals! Thus, job opportunities will come calling, once you graduate.


#10 Agricultural Engineering

Agriculture and its related fields can be said to be the most important ones. Because, they constitute the base of the entire pyramid! They fulfill the world’s most basic necessity- food! Agricultural Engineering is all about maximizing the productivity by introducing new innovations into this field. Government and public job opportunities are in abundance for graduates, when it comes to this branch.


#11 Core branches of Engineering

Apart from the above mentioned ones, the core branches namely- Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering also offer good job opportunities! Chemical Engineering, though not considered to be a part of core branch, is also good, when it comes to job scope.

Ultimately, it all depends on your passion too. If you are genuinely interested in a particular branch, then go for it. Otherwise, so a self assessment and find that ‘perfect’ Engineering branch that suits your interests and passion!

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