Top 10 worst national football teams


Top 10 worst national football teams

National teams like Spain, Germany, Brazil, Argentina and a host of other elite teams have hordes of fans and are well known across the globe. They usually grace the top half of the FIFA ranking table. It is human nature to ignore the bottom half of FIFA rankings. Yes, we tread down that table to check the position of India though. Apart from that, we don’t give a shit to other low-lying teams. This list brings before you the top worst international football teams.

Worst team

Worst ever?


After the latest update, India has moved up 24 places to land on 143rd rank while Brazil is ranked 18th, an all time low for the Seleccao.

Source- FIFA COCACOLA Rankings



Bhutan- 0 points

San Marino-0 points

Turks and Caicos Island-0 points

Anguilla-4 points

Andorra-11 points

Djibouti-11 points

Somalia-14 points

Cook Island-16 points

Kyrgyzstan- 19 points

South Sudan-20 points


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