10 inspiring people who triumphed against odds

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking is a British physicist and author. He is well known for his studies on black-holes and quantum physics. His book- A brief history of time- is an international bestseller. He suffers from motor neurone disease, leaving him almost paralysed. He is confined to a wheelchair and speaks with the aid of a voice synthesizer. Despite these setbacks he accomplished amazing feats and earned respect from colleagues.


Helen Keller

Almost all of us know about her. She was an author and lecturer. She was not born deaf and blind. An illness resulted in this disability. Despite being deaf and blind, she went on to earn a degree in BA. Anne Sullivan, Helen’s tutor, taught her to communicate using fingers. A good teacher can work wonders on her/her disciples.


Louis Braille

Braille was not born blind, but was blinded by an accident. After the accident, he cursed his life and lived a miserable life, right? Well, no! He went on and invented the Braille script, which the blind people can use to read. The script uses raised dots which can be touched and felt by blind people. His determination changed the lives of blind people forever.


Franklin Roosevelt

This man was affected by polio at the age of 41 and was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. What did he achieve after that? He went on to get elected the president of USA four times! Though he had a fair share of controversy and criticism to his name, his accomplishment is remarkable.


Terry Fox

He was a Canadian athlete. He lost a leg to osteosarcoma, a form of cancer. After amputation, he, using an artificial leg started long-distance running to raise money for cancer research and charity. He died at a young age of 22 due to cancer. He went down fighting, but his efforts never went in vain. His activities raised awareness about cancer and cancer research. The Terry Fox Run is an annual fundraising event started by him.


The above personalities are the favorites of the author. You may mention your heroes in comments section.

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