The Worst Footballer Ever


The Worst Footballer Ever


Who is the worst soccer player of all time? Yes, there is a list on the worst players to have played soccer. Many consider Ali Dia to be the worst of the lot. We had published a post earlier on Ali Dia’s exploits on and off the field. But now we are introducing a different personality, a different man with an insane story. Brace yourself and read about him.

You all might have heard of Muammar Gaddafi. Muammar Gaddafi was the former ruler of Libya. One of Muammar’s son, Al Saadi Gaddafi turned out to be a die-hard soccer fan. He was not just interested in watching the beautiful game, but also wanted to become a professional association football player. He dreamed of playing for the biggest clubs of Europe and winning the biggest honours and trophies.

Al Saadi Gaddafi

Al Saadi Gaddafi

Sadly, Al Saadi’s soccer skills let him down. He sucked at playing soccer. He was so bad that even after going for trials at the local clubs, he was not selected. What he and his father did next are batshit insane deeds. You know, Muammar Gaddafi was freaking rich and was the ruler of Libya. He owned private jets and the entire goddamn country! So using his power and influence, Muammar Gaddafi helped his son join a club in the Libyan League.

Perugia Calcio Stadium

Perugia Calcio Stadium-

Al Saadi was a forward. The whole Libyan League was setup in such a way that it favored Al Saadi and his team. The referees favored his club and the opponent teams couldn’t even protest because of Muammar Gaddafi!

But Saadi was not satisfied, he wanted to play for a European club! His dad was freaking rich and had good political connections too. Somehow, with his father’s help, Al Saadi managed to broker a deal to join Italian outfit Perugia. Back then, Perugia played in the Serie A, the top division of Italian Soccer League. But he only managed to play few minutes for the club. Soon, he failed to qualify a drug test and was later banned by the club.

He also played for his country, Libya. He also captained the team! His Wikipedia page mentions that he also joined Italian clubs Udinese and Sampdoria. You may go through his Wikipedia page to get more of his playing statistics and crazy deeds.

Source- Wikipedia.


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