The story behind the origin of Goal-post Net


The story behind the origin of Goal-post Net

Goal Post

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The game of soccer is all about scoring goals. The teams score goal by putting the ball beyond the goal line. On a football ground, at the two opposite ends, there are two goal-posts. They are rectangular structures. A net is also tied to this post. This net prevents the ball from getting out of the field and bounce away after crossing the line.

So, is the net used for the above purpose only? Then why don’t they put this net around the field to prevent the ball from going out of play? Well, there is another reason to it and a story behind the use of net.

Nets were not in use until 1890. In 1888, a match was going on between two teams in Liverpool. Suddenly, a shot went past the goal-post of one of the teams. It went so fast that no one could make out whether it went through the space between the posts or outside. Both teams argued and it resulted in a quarrel. Remember that the year was 1888, there were no high definition cameras and replays.

While this quarrel was going on, a spectator-an engineer named John Brodi, was eager to find a solution to this problem. Apparently, Brodi was pissed off with this quarrel. Back then, many times, it was impossible to tell whether the ball went through the posts or outside it. John Brodi came up with the idea of tying a net to the post. He suggested the authorities to try this method.

The authorities put this idea to practice in 1890 in England. Since then, the net has always been tied to the post!


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