The secret to get rich and successful


The secret to get rich and successful


So, here is the million dollar question- how to become rich and successful? Many people out there ask this question. What they want is the ‘secret’, the secret to riches and success. Every day, students, businessmen, workers all take to Google and search for the ‘secret’ and ‘shortcut’ to riches and success. Google is quite good at its job and returns millions of results in front of the user, for him to choose from. There are many sites out there that will share with you the ‘secret’ and ‘shortcut’ to success, wealth and peace of mind!

So, if the secret to riches and success is so readily available that anyone who knows how to use Google can access it easily, then a vast majority of the population should have been rich by now! But the reality is just the opposite. Definitely, the number of rich people is increasing. But majority of the population live in poverty.

We all know that it is possible to get rich and successful in life, there are so many examples around us. There are so many rags to riches stories around us! So, why not us? Why can’t we be rich? Yes, we can get rich, there is no doubt about that. Let me consider the example of Dhirubhai Ambani, an Indian industrialist. He was not born rich. But he made it big later, became an industrialist, set up a big business empire- Reliance and accumulated riches. He was an ordinary guy like me and you.

So, what was so special about him? Why he managed to attract so much wealth and riches? There are many people in India like him, born into not so wealthy families. They live life in mediocrity, doing office jobs and lead an anonymous life. So, there has to be something special in Mr Ambani, isn’t it? Yes, there are certain qualities in successful men. If we manage to inculcate these qualities and ‘traits’ in our lives, we too can achieve success and riches. And I’m going to share them with you!

Let us be honest, many of us are looking for ways to get rich quickly and easily without much effort. If you analyze what people search on Google, you will come across phrases like- ‘how to get rich easily’, ‘get rich quickly’, ‘earn money easily’ etc. But, there are no shortcuts to success! There are no free meals. But still people are always looking for ‘easy ways’ to make money.

And where do they end up? Nowhere! There are many sites that promise easy money. Such sites always attract people looking for easy money. But such sites are nothing but baits to lure people. Such sites cheat people and get away with their money.

So, next time you come across such sites and advertisements, remember that there is no such thing as ‘easy money’. If you inculcate the following qualities in your life, I’m sure that money and success will find you!


First of all a burning desire is required to achieve anything in life. Be it money, health or academic success, burning desire to achieve it is what leads to action and ultimately results! If you want something with all your heart and believe that you can achieve it, there is no stopping you from achieving what you want.

Faith and planning

Next comes faith , belief and planning. You have desire to get rich, but if you feel that you are not capable of achieving it, then you can’t progress anymore! Desire is useless unless you have conviction and faith.

Now, planning is also very important. To get rich and successful, you have to formulate a plan. You plan must be practical and logical and above all, you must have faith in your plan. You must have the conviction that your plan will work and gain you riches.

Hard-work and dogged perseverance

A well laid and perfect plan is useless unless you act on it! Once you form a clear plan, follow it up with good old hard-wok. Hard-work is the key to success. The harder you work, the luckier you get!

Now, there is a quality that every successful man posses. It is persistence! Ordinary folks get disheartened at the first sign of failure and they quit! Winners and successful folks stay persistent and work on the failure and turns failures into success stories!

Successful people don’t get disheartened by failure. But they learn from their failures and mistakes and come back stronger. This ability to bounce back from failures is what really matters the most!

All those millionaires and billionaires didn’t get rich in a night! They toiled and persevered for years before accumulating all those riches! We always take a note about their riches and success story, but few of us try to learn about their struggles and the hardships that they faced.

So, that was the ‘secret’ to riches and success! Actually there is no shortcut to riches! All you need is a burning desire, a well laid plan and dogged perseverance to get successful. Look at those successful businessmen, actors and athletes, they all got to their current position and status after years of hard-work and sacrifices. And it all started with a burning desire! They all have some common qualities in them (that I mentioned above). Inculcate these qualities in your life and success, riches and academic success will find you!


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