Teaching: Career Trends & Prospects (2016)

Teaching is a profession that commands respect in the society. Not only respect, it also is a financially rewarding job! In this article, we will check out career trends and opportunities associated with this field. We will be focusing on this (2016) as well as the next few years’ (2017 & 2018).




Most of us think that teaching is a tough job. It involves much hard work and relatively lower pay. But this fact is not true! If you have the right set of skills and qualifications, you may go on and build a financially rewarding career (though this shouldn’t be your only target). The higher your qualifications, the better you may earn. If you have entrepreneurship skills in you, you may mix the two- teaching and entrepreneurship- and gain sound benefits!


Demand for qualified teachers is increasing in India. Read on the next section to know more about the present situation. Also check – list of high salary jobs in India.


The Nation needs qualified teachers!

There is a huge increase in demand for qualified teachers in India. With each passing year, the popularity of education and teacher training courses has been reducing for some time now.


Government has introduced scholarships and new courses to combat this situation. One such measure is the introduction (in 2015) of integrated BA B.Ed. and B.Sc. B.Ed. Such new teacher training courses have been introduced to step up the quality of teacher training programs. Also, availability of such programs will encourage more and more students to take up this profession!


The above facts underline the fact that ample amount of job opportunities exist in this sector. All one needs to have is a genuine interest in teaching!


Cracking eligibility tests

Just completing a training course won’t do the trick. To land Government teacher’s job, one must crack relevant eligibility tests. CTET is an eligibility test, using which, you may become a teacher at Schools under the control of Central Government. State wise TETs can be used to join Schools under the control of State Governments! PSC examinations (state wise) can also be used to land such a job! After completing Master’s program in any field, one may make use of NET test to become an Assistant Professor!


In short, what I want to say is that one must be aware of important entrance tests. Such entrance tests usually open doors that leads towards a secure and well paying Government job!


Self employment opportunities on the rise!

Becoming self employed is another excellent opportunity available in front of teachers. Coaching classes are sprouting up each day in India. This event has been occurring even in small towns! There is a demand for quality private coaching classes in India. This industry has got huge potential.


Skilled teachers may make a difference in the life of his/her students and earn well at the same time, making use of this opportunity.

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