Taking bribe is legalized in India. It is- motivation fee!


Taking bribe is legalized in India. It is- motivation fee!


Yes, finally it has been decided that taking bribe is a right of the government officials and politicians. The people of India have been hearing a lot about government employees taking bribe to get the bribe giver’s job done. People have always been complaining about this trend. But at last, it has been decided by the government that taking bribe is legal and perfectly ok.

NEWS Satire

NEWS Satire! FAADU news!!!

The government has described bribe as a motivation for the government employees. This motivation will thus help them stay dedicated and do their jobs more sincerely and efficiently! Also, people now won’t have to go through the grind of getting a task done at a government office. Take for example the Bhuj RTO office, Gujarat- you will get your license made without any test when you pay up the agents some money. So, very busy people will find this scheme very useful because they can get their job done fastly by paying a ‘motivational fee’ to the officer concerned!

Despite the public demand to make the working of government offices more transparent and efficient, the ‘ritual’ of taking bribes still existed. All this was done ‘under the table’. So, the government decided to bring such matters on ‘top of the table’. They have re-christened bribe as ‘motivation fee’. Various tasks have been assigned various ‘motivation fee’ (bribe) and the price list will be put on at the offices soon.

The government also thinks that by legalizing bribe, they will get an additional source of income tax. Before passing this law, all the bribe money was unaccounted for. So, the government has shot two birds with a single bullet here!


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