Study MBBS abroad: Tips for Indian students


In India, there are many students who aspire to pursue MBBS. But for many students, this dream remains unfulfilled. The main reason is the less number of Government Medical College seats and high competition for those seats. Coming to the private colleges, the fees is too much to bear for middle class families. Leave that fees part aside, the quality of the course and the amenities provided for MBBS students in India is also limited. So, why not pursue MBBS abroad? Here, I’ll share with you some important tips and aspects associated with studying MBBS abroad in countries like China, UK, Russia, Australia, USA, Canada etc.

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Advantages of studying MBBS abroad

The main advantage is the availability of plenty of seats. In case of many Universities abroad, the seats for MBBS course often go untaken. Blame it on the low student ratio and high availability of seats in Universities.


Apart from that, it is the quality of the education that matters a lot! The course taught there is up to date and the most advanced one. The practical training, the apparatus, amenities etc are top notch and state of the art ones. Further, there is good International exposure, which is an added advantage!


Then comes the job part. In most of the cases of students studying Medicine abroad, they take up jobs in those developed countries itself! Many students see this opportunity as a life changing one. These are some of the most appealing advantages of studying medicine abroad for Indian students.


Entrance tests to write for studying abroad

There are many foreign Universities that admit Indian students without taking any entrance test and all. In some cases, this activity is suspicious. But it is not so in all cases.


In case of most reputed foreign Universities, they take an entrance test before admitting foreign students into MBBS courses. The same rule applies for students from India.


Some of the well known entrance tests are- UKCAT (UK Clinical Aptitude Test), BMAT (Bio Medical Admission Test), GAMSAT (Graduate Australian Medical School Admission Test), MCAT ( North American Medical College Admission Test).


Good universities apart from UK and USA ones

When it comes to MBBS degree from abroad, the most popular destinations are USA, UK, Australia etc. But the problem with these places is that the expenses are too much. The costs of studying and staying there is too much. That’s when other places such as China, Belgium, Bulgaria, Russia etc come handy!


These places are not as expensive as the first mentioned ones. But at the same time, the quality of the education provided is not compromised at all. Especially in the case of China, this can be explained well.


When it comes to China, the expenses are less than that of Universities in USA, UK and even India (private ones in India). There is no such thing as donation fees there. Apart from that, the expense of living in China is also less, when compared to countries like USA, UK etc. This is the main reason why many foreign students flock to China to pursue MBBS and Specialization courses alike.


Apart from the expense aspect, the course taught there is up to date. The facilities, apparatus and amenities are all latest ones. Some of the popular Universities in China are- Harbin Medical University, China Medical University, Dalian Medical University. These Universities provide good facilities aimed at foreign students. Indian students will find it easy to get used to the campus. Even the food served is prepared keeping the students in mind!


Apart from China, many European countries also provide good education at fees which is not as high as in the case of USA, UK etc. Some such EU countries are- Bulgaria, Russia etc. Like China, the fee is low. Also, the cost of living also is comparatively lower!


Some well known universities of Belgium are- University of Pleven, University of Sofia. They provide world class MBBS course in those Universities. And they are popular with foreign students also!


Things to do while selecting Foreign Universities

There are some basic things and criteria which you need to check while selecting a foreign University. The main thing that needs to be checked is the University rank, medium of teaching, Infrastructure, faculty quality etc.


It is also good to take help of former Indian students who studied in those University and ask them for their feedback. It helps us give a better idea about how foreign students are treated there.


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