Strange sport- Mobile phone throwing championship


The weird sport of mobile phone throwing


Mobile throwing

Mobile throwing

Have you heard of this bat-shit insane sport? Well, this event started off in Finland in 2000. Since then, the event is conducted each and every year. The contest, as the name suggests is all about throwing mobile phones! The one who throws his/her mobile the farthest is declared the winner.

At many venues, the model of the mobile is not a problem as long as its weight is above 220 grams. At the same time, some event organisers stick to the rule of providing the competitors the same mobile phone model.

The game consists of four categories- Traditional throwing, Freestyle, Team event and one for children below the age of twelve.

The game has since spread on to many other countries and has even surpassed the boundaries of continents. Tournaments are held every year in countries like USA, Belgium, Leichenstein, Spain etc. Soon we may find ourselves throwing our virtually indestructible Nokia 1100s at one such event in India! That’s why I still haven’t got rid of my Nokia 1100!

You can view an entire goddamn Wikipedia page dedicated to this game here (the source of the article). The page consists of all the records related to the game. Take some time to go through it.

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Source- Wikipedia.

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