How to stop showing ‘Last seen’ on WhatsApp

WhatsApp, despite its towering popularity, has been facing some questions regarding its privacy settings. The messaging app is loved and used by millions. But a major turn off that many users associate with WhatsApp has been the displaying of ‘last seen’ date and time on a person’s profile. Many folks see this as a serious privacy lapse that the app has. Here, I will show you how to hide this particular information. I’ll show you how to disable and stop WhatsApp from displaying the ‘last seen’ information to other users in your contact list or any user that uses this app.

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While using WhatsApp, many people make use of the ‘last seen’ notification to check whether a person is active or not. In case you don’t want to talk to a certain person, and you are also not willing to block him/her, this feature will play spoil sport for you! With the help of ‘last seen’ display, another person will be able to be certain about your online presence and bombard messages.

In such cases, it is always better to turn this notification off. Also, it adds to the privacy that WhatsApp offers its users. Without wasting much time, let’s head to the tutorial and see how to turn off ‘last seen’ notification. Before making use of the steps mentioned in this tutorial, just make sure that you are using latest version of the app on your smartphone!


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Disable ‘Last Seen’ notification on WhatsApp

Step 1

WhatsApp settings

Open WhatsApp and click on Menu. Once the Menu pops out, select ‘Settings’. In settings part, select ‘Account’ section and proceed to step 2.


Step 2

Privacy option

Among the many options that you see in the ‘Account’ section, as shown in the image, select ‘Privacy’ option. Then proceed to step 3.


Step 3

Privacy settings

As you can see in the image, the ‘last seen’ part is readily available to be edited! Click on it and you may change that setting as per your wish. You have the freedom to hide it from everybody (by selecting Nobody option) or show it to just your contact or you may even wish to show it to ‘everybody’!

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WhatsApp last seen nobody

In our case, we will just make use of the last option- ‘Nobody’! This will ensure that no WhatsApp user will be able to check the last date and time when you were ‘Last seen’ using WhatsApp!


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