Some Bizarre and Truly Unusual Deaths

One has to die one day or the other. It is inevitable. Mankind has made tremendous advances in the field of science and technology but hasn’t achieved immortality yet. We have developed ways to lengthen our life span but still immortality is beyond our reach. Death wins, one point to death! Here are some unusual deaths ever to be recorded:



Jerome Cardan

He was an Italian physician, astrologer and mathematician. This man predicted his own death. He starved himself to death in 1576, just to ensure that his prediction of his death comes true. Level of dignity- insane!


Prince Philippe

He was heir to the French throne. His horse tripped over a pig in a busy street of Paris and he died due to injuries sustained. Morale: drive responsibly.


William Huskisson

He was a member of British parliament. During the opening of a new railway line that he was inaugurating, he was run down by a train. Bizzare!


Lord Carvarnon

He financed the excavation of Tutankhamen’s tomb in 1922. The excavation team opened Tutankhamen’s tomb as per Carvarnon’s instruction. Some months later, he died from a mosquito bite. This began the legend of Tutankhamen’s curse.



He was a Greek dramatist. He died when an eagle carrying a tortoise dropped it on his head. The most unusual of all cases!


Sir Thomas Urquhart

He was a Scottish author. On hearing the news of restoration of Charles II in 1660, he laughed uncontrollably resulting in his death.


Prince Frederick

He was son of George II and heir to the throne. He died in 1751 after a cricket ball hit him.


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