Some Unsolved Mysteries of India


We know that you love mysteries! That’s the reason why you are reading this article. We won’t disappoint you. We have put together an interesting and intriguing list of unsolved mysteries. All these mysteries are directly or indirectly related with India. Yes, you are about to read some bizarre and odd things related to incredible India. We referred some sites like Wikipedia and some NEWS sites to put together this list. Enjoy this list.

List of unsolved mysteries of India


1 Yeti sightings in Himalayas and Pangboche Hand

Yeti- Indian mystery

Wikimedia Commons


Himalaya means ‘Home of Snow’. It is a mountain range present in India. It is a very famous tourist spot also. Himalayan range also boasts the presence of Mt Everest. The mystery we are going to discuss is a creature that is said to be living in the remote Himalayan mountains- the Yeti.


Yeti is said to be a creature that looks like a big monkey. It is believed to be hairy and huge, bigger than humans. Many explorers and locals have claimed that they saw Yetis in the Himalayan range.


No clear photographic evidence of the creature exists. Some physical evidences were available in the past. They were- a scalp believed to be that of a Yeti and the famous Pangboche Hand.


After scientific study of the scalp and hair present on it, it was concluded that the hair didn’t belong to ape’s family.

The Pangboche Hand has a much interesting story. It was kept it an ancient Buddhist Monastery in Pangboche. It was believed to be the remains of the hand of a Yeti. It was smuggled to London by scientists for further studies. After analysis and tests, scientists are still unable to recognize the species the hand belongs to. Thus, the mystery of Pangboche hand remains unsolved to this date!


2 Super-human Aryans in Himalayas

Heinrich Himmler

Wikimedia Commons

Heinrich Himmler was a military commander of Nazi Germany. He was one of Adolf Hitler’s key personnel. Himmler strongly believed in occult, magic etc. According to his theory, there existed a race of pure Aryan people in the Himalayas.


He believed that they possessed superhuman powers like telepathy. He was so convinced about it that he set out an expedition to Tibet. He formed a team of scientists and set out for Tibet. The main aim of the expedition was scientific study of Tibet’s geology, flora, fauna etc. But according to some journalists, the main aim was to find out and befriend the race of ‘superhuman Aryans’!


But no records of the super humans are available. Who knows they really exist or not? Maybe it was just thought up by crazy Himmler. But what if they really exist? What if Himmler kept their existence a secret? The mystery remains unsolved.


3 Subhas Chandra Bose’s death

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

Wikimedia Commons

Subhas Chandra Bose was a freedom fighter of India. Unlike Mahatma Gandhi, he believed in taking up arms to fight for India’s freedom. He worked hard to assemble an army. Finally, with the help of Britain’s enemies like Germany and Japan, he assembled Azad Hind Fauj.


He operated mainly from outside India. He used to travel extensively. His death also happened during one such journey. But there are many mysteries and conspiracies surrounding his death.


It is alleged that Subhas Chandra Bose died in a plane crash while travelling to Tokyo in 1945, two years before India’s independence. According to witnesses, he suffered serious injuries in the crash and was hospitalized. He later died in the hospital.


This is the official version of his death report. But according to many conspiracy theorists, Subhas was not actually present in the crashed plane. Some others claim that he was in the plane but survived the crash and went into hiding.


Later, a man named Bhagwanji claimed that he was Subhas Chandra Bose. Bhagwanji’s facial features resembled that of Bose. After some investigations, a report was made that Bhagwanji was not actually Bose. But many people still support the claim that Bhagwanji was actually Bose and he survived the plane crash of 1945. Thus Subhas Chandra Bose’s death still remains shrouded in mystery. Many books, related to his death and its conspiracy, have also been released.


That’s it friends. These are top 3 entries on the list of India’s unsolved mysteries. We will soon publish more such posts related to mysteries and bizarre events. We are working on such lists. Wait till we publish our next interesting list.


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