Some ‘Post’ firsts


Some post firsts


Now a days, posts are of no importance. Thanks to instant messaging and e-mail, we don’t give a damn to letters and posts. Here are some ‘firsts’ related to post.



First air letter, England to France, sent by balloon-1785.

First mail carried by rail-UK-1830.

Use of Postage stamps-UK-1840.

First Christmas cards-UK-1843.

First stamps in USA-1847.

First letter boxes in UK-1852.

London postal districts first used-1858.

First Postcard sent-USA-1861.

First picture postcard-Switzerland-1872.

First Christmas stamp-Canada-1898.

First airmail service-India-1911.

First Transatlantic airmail service-1939.

First postcodes-Germany-1942.

First ZIP codes-USA-1963.

First self adhesive stamps-1964.

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