Some interesting facts about India


Some interesting facts about India


India is an interesting country. We had earlier published an article about some interesting and funny facts about India and Indians. This article is the second part of it. Here, you will get more interesting and funny facts about India.

1 The Crazy movie goers of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is a state in India. It is located in South India. The people of this state are crazy about movies. The regional movie industry is called ‘Tolly-Wood’. People are so crazy about actors and actresses that they constructed a temple dedicated to an actress! They also organize special prayers before the release of their favorite stars’ film so that the film becomes a blockbuster!

2 People dance during funeral procession!

Interesting isn’t it? This event also takes place in Tamil Nadu! The Tamil people believe that the dead man’s last journey must be celebrated and he must be given a happy farewell. So, they play music, dance and play instruments during the procession.

3 Hard core criminals can contest elections!

You wouldn’t like your leader to be a criminal. But unfortunately, in India, criminals are free to contest in elections. There is no law banning them. Mumbai underworld gang leaders like Arun Gawli have contested elections. There also have been cases of criminals fighting elections from jail! This interesting phenomenon only happens in India!

4 Cricket crazy India

It is a well known fact that Cricket is the most popular sport in India. But it is interesting to know how crazy cricket fans of India can get! Many Indian families organize ‘poojas’ (prayer gathering) before cricket matches and prays for India’s victory. When it comes to cricket, India and Pakistan are bitter rivals. If India wins the match against Pakistan, it is celebrated by bursting crackers! During the last Cricket World Cup, many families started ‘fasted’ for weeks for team India’s victory!


We will soon post more interesting, unknown and funny facts about India and Indians. Meanwhile, check out the list of best careers in India. Please comment about your funny facts.


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