Yoast XML Sitemap 404 Error and Google no-index solution


Solve the Yoast XML sitemap 404 and Google Webmasters Error easily

WordPress SEO by Yoast is the best SEO plugin available. It is a feature rich plugin. One of its main feature is the Yoast XML sitemap. The Yoast XML sitemap can be turned on from the Yoast SEO dashboard. Once you turn it on, there is no looking back! Yoast SEO plugin will automatically submit XML sitemap. Many users have been complaining about the Yoast XML sitemap 404 error

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Many also have complaints that the Yoast XML sitemap doesn’t automatically submit sitemaps to Google. They realize this when they check the Google Webmaster tools and finds no sitemap indexed.

We have got solution for both the Yoast XML sitemap 404 error and Google Webmasters non-indexing issue.

Yoast XML sitemap 404 error can be solved easily if you show some patience

On the Yoast SEO dashboard, the XML sitemap section has an option called ‘XML sitemap’. The option is supposed to show the generated XML sitemap. It will open up the sitemap- www.yoursite.com/sitemap_index.xml . But tons of users have got 404 error. The solution for this problem is to wait!

yoast xml sitemap 404 error

Yes, have some patience and come back a while later. The plugin takes some time to show up the sitemap. So, don’t think that the plugin is broken and disable it. The plugin is actually quite good.

Solve the Google Webmasters toolbar no-sitemap problem:

Yoast automatically uploads the sitemap. It automatically pings Google when you publish a new post. So, there is no need to manually update the sitemap. But many users, on checking the Google Webmasters toolbar realize that no sitemap has been submitted and no posts and pages indexed.

In this case:

1 Sign in to Google Webmaster tools.

2 Among the options on the left, click on Crawl> Sitemaps.

3 Click on ADD/Test sitemap.

4 Write down sitemap_index.xml on the space provided.

5 Make sure that no errors are reported after the test.

6 Submit the new sitemap.

google webmaster no index error

After doing this, the sitemap will get indexed. You may also check and see the sitemap after some time. Once you manually submit it, the job is done. New posts and updates will be indexed automatically as soon as the post is published.

Hope this article helps you out in solving the Yoast XML sitemap 404 error and the Google Webmaster tools no-index problem.


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