Soccer fans seek Arab takeover of their favorite clubs


Soccer fans seek Arab takeover of their favorite club


The Arab oligarchs have found a new hobby! Buy football clubs, invest shitloads of money on transfers and buy the best player available in the market. Clubs like Manchester City, Paris Saint Germain are good examples of this trend. Clubs like AS Monaco are emerging now. With the Sheikhs’ interest in football increasing, more and more clubs will be bought by them. So, what about the dominance of clubs like Manchester United, AC Milan, Inter etc? Well, these clubs are secretly wishing for crazy Arabs with shitloads of money and no idea about how to use it, to come and take over their clubs.

Sheikh Mansour

This guy is on a mission to play FIFA manager mode in real life!- Wikimedia Commons

It seems that the uber rich Arab owners are playing FIFA manager in real life! Yes, the same way we assemble our dream team on FIFA! Just take a look at the Manchester City team. They have world class players playing at various positions from defense to attack. The only ‘home-grown’ star is Joe Hart. The rest have been assembled, thanks to Sheikh Mansour’s oil money!

AS Monaco logo

I just got insanely rich!- Wikimedia Commons

The clubs also don’t forget to hire a world class coach to pursue titles and trophies. And yes, it yields results, as we have seen recently. Manchester City won the premier league last season and PSG have won the French League this time. So, all the ‘oil money’ is raking in big titles and trophies!

Cavani Face

Target of rich clubs- Wikimedia Commons

With no signs of recession affecting the football crazy Arab oligarchs, they are expected to assemble their own version of ‘Galacticos’ in the coming years! The best players of the moment like Ronaldo, Falcao, Rooney, Cavani etc are being constantly linked with transfer to a club owned by Arab owners. Yes, they sure can do it unless a strong Financial Fairness law comes into effect.

Radamel Falcao

Monaco calling?-

So, in the future, it is very much possible that these teams will dominate the league and even European competitions. Yes, it is inevitable, provided that they keep buying the best players and hire the best coaches to train and manage them.

So, what about other biggies without the Arab helping hand? What about clubs like Manchester United, Lyon, Marseille, Arsenal, Liverpool etc? Well, the fans of these clubs would be secretly wishing for Arab owners to come up like angels and invest money.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi

You mad Lyon and Marseille?-

Without them, sooner or later, they won’t have the financial or team strength to beat these oil money rich clubs. Yes, there is an option, draft a no nonsense Financial Fair-play rule, which has no loopholes. Until then, Manchester United, Arsenal and Lyon fans would be secretly craving for an Arab takeover!


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