Best Skin Care Tips for Uttarayan


Hello readers! I’m much excited these days! The fact that Uttarayan is just a week away is one of the reasons for this excitement of mine. Just yesterday, I wrote an article titled- ‘Tips to Enjoy Uttarayan’. A very useful article I must say. Today, I’m writing an article about the very same kite flying festival of Gujarat! This time, the topic is slightly different. But, the topic is very useful and informative at the same time! It is about skincare tips and precautions to be taken during Uttarayan.


flying kite on uttarayan

We wish you a Happy Uttarayan!


We all know that with each passing day, the environment around us is deteriorating. Blame this on increase in pollution, cutting down of trees and greediness of mankind! The Ozone layer is not as strong as it used to be a decade ago. The CFC (Chlorofluorocarbons) released from the refrigerating systems made by man has been thinning the ozone layer over all these years!


My point is that, with each passing year, the intensity of Sun’s radiation is increasing, due to this rapid thinning of Ozone layer. You see, Ozone layer now no more blocks all the harmful radiation emitted by Sun. It means that the intensity of radiation in 2014 will be more than that of 2013.


This radiation can have many impact on human and animal life! Like- mental effects, psychological impact, skin cancer, skin burn, heat stroke, skin tanning etc.


And Uttarayan is one such festival, where all of us will be spending most part of the day on roof tops, under the sizzling radiation of the sun. We’d be like meat-cakes being baked!


It is due to these reasons that skincare must be given much importance during Uttarayan. I’m going to share with you some very effective and useful tips regarding skin care. By following them, you can minimize skin damage and deterioration due to Sun’s action.


Ultimate Skincare tips for Uttarayan

Basically, the tips have been divided into two categories for your convenience- PREVENTION and CURE. Make sure that you take preventive steps first. But still if you get that slight damage on your skin, go for the cure!


Preventive Measures for skincare during Uttarayan-


#1 Use Full sleeved clothes and use coverings

This is a no brainer. Exposing your skin and parts of body to the bright Sun will get them tanned. The best way to prevent this is by covering your whole body, literally!


Use full sleeved clothes, it’ll prevent tanning of arms and legs. Remember to cover your face, when the surroundings get too hot! Better yet, use and umbrella!


#2 Use good Sunscreen cream



Using a sunscreen cream is a must!

Again, a must do in your case! Before going to the rooftop, make sure that you generously apply a good sunscreen cream on parts of your body, which will be exposed. Particularly apply it on the face.


Make sure that the cream is SPF 30 and above. It has been proven to block the harmful sunrays from harming the skin. Further, it also prevents skin tanning.


#3 Don’t go out when the intensity of radiation is maximum

Sun rays are not totally bad. Actually, the very strong radiation is what does the maximum damage! So, it is that ‘strong radiation’ that you should really be scared of!


evening sun

Be scared of the sun at noon!


Stay indoors, while the radiation is very strong. This time of strong radiation falls between 1 PM to 4 PM. Try to stay indoors during this time.


That was all about the ‘prevention’ part. Now, let’s talk about the ‘cure’ part. Despite taking the best preventive measures, we often tend to let ourselves go during such festivals. This results in us getting some side effects. That’s when some handy and clever curing tips come to our aid! Here are some skincare cures for your sun burnt and damaged skin-


How to cure skin damage sustained due to strong Sun rays-

Here, I’ll share with you some good old skincare tips. They’re related to reducing sun tan, reducing inflammation, treating cuts etc.


#1 Tips to remove sun tan

Despite taking good preventive measures, many of us still get hit by sun tan! Throughout the day, wash your face repeatedly with running cold water.


To remove sun tan, there are many natural remedies. Like applying- curd, buttermilk, milk, cucumber extracts etc.


Apply any of the above ingredient on the affected parts of your body. Keep it there for 30 minutes and wash it off! Repeat this process until the tan mark gets light and fades away. Definitely, it’ll take some time for this to happen!


#2 Tips to prevent skin inflammation

Inflammation of the skin is another such problem seen after celebrating Uttarayan. The cause for it is the damage at microscopic level done to the skin.


The first thing to do to cure it is by washing face with cold water and applying moisturizer. This will rejuvenate the skin and help undo some damage.


Cucumber paste will help a lot in reducing inflammation and calming the skin. Apply the paste on the affected parts and leave it there for 30 minutes, before washing it off!


A massage with ice pack will also work wonders! Try both the cucumber treatment and ice massage for best results.


#3 Curing skin cuts and wounds



Cuts and wounds are inevitable!

Cuts and wounds are an unavoidable part of Uttarayan! The sharp manja is enough to cause small and big cuts on our skin.


At the end of the day, wash your hands and the wounded parts thoroughly using water and an antiseptic solution. Apply some pure turmeric solution onto the wound and tie it up.


This, according to me is the best way to combat cuts and wounds.



Okay, that’s all my friends. I hope that you all have a happy Uttarayan! Enjoy the festival with your friends, family and loved ones. At the same time, stay safe and care for your health. Because, health is wealth! I hope that you’ll find my little skincare tips handy and useful!


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