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Link shortening services have always been looked upon as good sources to make money online by students and youngsters. All it takes to earn money this way is to shorten a good link and share it on social media sites like- Facebook, Twitter and also on one’s blogs. Each click that the link gets will help one earn a small amount. The link, upon getting clicked number of times, will help the user earn a much more respectable figure. One such exciting link shortening service that will let you make money out of it is In this article, I’ll review it and share some details about the site. review review

The site has been cleverly named. It reads- ‘Shortest’. The creators have cleverly used the ‘.st’ extension for the domain, which gives the domain this unique and striking name.

Just like the name, the features of the site are also awesome and striking! It is fairly easy to register. One may either register via that classic mode- entering email address or via social media login.

The main method of earning money is by shortening links using the site and sharing those shortened links. When each unique visitor clicks on the modified link, he/she will be taken to an ad page. The creator of the link will be paid money for each such unique view.

The good thing about is that it has got a ‘global presence’. Not all link shortening services caters to people from around the world.

Most of them have low payout rates for traffic from developing and poor countries and continents. Take for example- traffic from India.

In case of most link shortening services, the payout rate for traffic from India is too low. This ensures that despite putting up hard work and effort, Indians are never rewarded for using such link shortening tools.

But is quite different. It caters to folks from around the world. It offers one of the most promising payout rate for Indian traffic. Not only Indian traffic, they ensure that the same condition applies to traffic from other third world countries and poor countries.

In case of Indian traffic, the CPM rate is 0.5$, average. It means that for every 1000 clicks that the link gets, the creator will be paid 0.5$. While this is a small figure, just imaging what will happen when the link amasses more and more clicks! It can go on and help you earn 5$-50$, depending upon how viral the stuff and the link shared goes.

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One more exciting prospect is that of the referral scheme that offers. For each member you refer to the site, you will be paid 20% of their earning, for lifetime. Isn’t is a great deal?

So, looking at all the earning prospect and the user-friendliness associated with, I must say that it is indeed an exciting service. Talking about their payment mode, the most convenient method that they offer is via PayPal. And they also pay regularly, each time you cross the determined threshold amount and request for a payout.


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