Select professional courses on basis of passion and interest

When it comes to the big world of professional courses, choosing the right one is a daunting and challenging task! For students as well as parents, selecting a good course is a difficult task. But I guess parents shouldn’t be much worried. They should let their wards choose the course that they genuinely are interested in! When selecting a professional course, ‘areas of interest’ and ‘passion’ matters a lot. In this short article, I’ll show how this factor can make all the difference.


Usually, students and parents just follow the herd!

Yes, you read it right. Most students these days choose a course depending on the selection that majority of their friends make. Actually, most students are clueless about course selection. They depend on their friends to arrive at a conclusion. But many of them just blindly opt for the course that majority of friends have opted for!


The same thing happens with parents. Now, parents are not used to the current courses and academic materials. They are as clueless as the students. They also look at courses which are often chosen by others and pressurize their kids to take just those courses!


This is what I call blindly following the herd! This is a very bad trend too!


Peer pressure also is a culprit

Coming under the influence of friend circle and reluctantly taking up a course can be said to be a choice taken under peer pressure. Again, a bad trend this is!


Why such choices of courses will backfire in many cases?

Now, a student may take up any course coming under peer pressure/pressure from parents/following the herd. But, while going through the course, he/she will have to face many problems.


Most students might be just not capable of completing the course. They may not have the aptitude to pass the exams. Take for example Engineering courses. Due to the increased number of Private Institutes, Engineering seats have drastically increased throughout different states of India! You may also check – Engineering entrance exams in India.


This has caused number of students to enroll for this course. Many just follow the herd, while others are forced to take this course up by parents/friends. Even below average students manage to grab a seat and pursue this course!


But, little way into the course, they realize that it is not their cup of tea! Most below average students won’t have what it takes to clear the examinations and get the degree. They might get a Degree, but only after they rack up many backlogs and detentions!


The point I want to show is that selecting professional courses in the above mentioned manner will spoil your life. You won’t enjoy studying. Even if you manage to study and clear the exams and get a Degree, you will face the below mentioned problem.


After taking up a job, you will face even more problems!

Despite the above mentioned scenario, many students still manage to clear exams and get a Degree! So, what comes next? A good career and a happy life? Well, in many cases, things will turn ugly after the person takes up a job.


If you are not genuinely interested in the course itself, how will you enjoy the work associated with that course? Basically, it will be like slaving around, being forced to do work that one doesn’t like at all! According to me, this situation is worse than the above mentioned point.


Why ‘areas of interest’ and passion will help you out-

If you take up a course that you are genuinely interested in, the one you are really passionate about, you won’t have much problems studying that course! You’ll enjoy it, to be honest.


And if you enjoy the syllabus, studying won’t seem to be a burden anymore! Isn’t it a wonderful situation.


Besides the above mentioned point, work will also be exciting and enjoyable for you. Imagine doing the things you love for the rest of your life! Wonderful prospect it is!


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So, now I guess you know why selecting the course is an important step in a student’s life. You have many choices, your parents may pressurize you, you could easily follow the herd. But please listen to yourself first. Know what you want to do. Know more about your areas of interest and choose a course accordingly.

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