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Technology has made our lives a lot easier. Take for instance the sector of banking. We all indulge in banking activities from time to time. Technology has brought about wonderful advancements in the field of banking. Online banking is one such development. Mobile banking is also proving to be of help to bank customers. Just take a look at the missed call balance enquiry service for instance. It has made life easier for people like us! I’ve written a an article where I’ve mentioned the missed call numbers of Indian Banks to check account balance. In that list, I’ve dealt with SBI (State Bank of India) too, mentioning their missed call balance enquiry number. But in this post, I will bring forward more useful information related to SBI, such as- registration process, getting mini statement on phone, blocking ATM card etc.

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SBI Mobile number registration process

To make use of any of the above mentioned services, you must ensure that your main mobile number is registered with the bank. Only then could you make use of the services. If you have already registered your mobile number with the bank, you may proceed to the next section.


If you have not registered phone number with the bank, you may do that by sending a simple SMS. The format of the message is-


REG<space>Your Account Number


Send the above mentioned SMS to the number- 09223488888. This will get your phone number registered with the bank easily! After that, you are all set to make use of the below mentioned services.


Balance enquiry via missed call or SMS

For balance enquiry, one may just dial the number- 09223766666. One may also send an SMS- “BAL” to the same number. Using any of the above mentioned methods, you will get your account balance details sent to your registered mobile number.


To get Mini Statement

To get mini statement, one may make use of missed call or SMS. Just call 09223866666 or send an SMS- “MSTMT” to the same number. Using any one of the two methods mentioned above, mini statement will be sent to your mobile number.


SBI’s associate Banks (State Bank of Patiala, State Bank of Travancore etc) have merged with SBI. As of now, SBI is operating missed call banking service for customers of former associate banks.


To block ATM card

To block a lost ATM card, send an SMS- “BLOCK<space>XXXX” to the number 567676. Here, XXXX should be the last four digits of your card number.


I’m mentioning it again- to make use of any of the above mentioned services, you must have your mobile number registered with the bank. So, if you haven’t done that process yet, do make use of the first section of the article! Also, share this article so that more SBI customers get to know this information.


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