5 awesome reasons to start a blog


5 awesome reasons to start a blog


Blogging is not rocket science! Well, everyone who knows how to operate a computer and has basic knowledge of internet can start blogging. Hey, after hearing such facts, don’t underestimate the power of blogging. There are many professional bloggers out there who earn a living by blogging! Yes, their primary occupation is blogging! Awesome, isn’t it?

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Why not start blogging?
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So, still not impressed by blogging? Well, here are some awesome facts and reasons why you should start blogging. Now, don’t start blogging only because of the ‘money factor’ involved in it. There are so many other awesome reasons why you should start blogging. I bet after going through this article, you will have more reasons than ‘monetary gains’ to start blogging! Brace yourself, the list of reasons starts!

#1 It is ridiculously easy

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CMSs like WordPress makes blogging easy!
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As I mentioned above, blogging is no rocket science. Many of us hesitate to start blogging because we think we are not qualified enough to start, operate and maintain a blog. But actually, it is easy to start and maintain a blog. You don’t necessarily need to have HTML or other coding language knowledge to start a blog. Many blogging platforms exist now. The top two are WordPress and Blogger. These blogging platforms/CMS (Content Management Services) ensure that you just need to know basic things like writing content, drag-and-drop images etc. Leave coding and other technical issues to them! And yes, these platforms are free of cost! They are very user intuitive and thus easy to use. So, basically if you are blogging (not for money) then you just need to concentrate on the content and leave the technical aspect to these CMSs to manage.

#2 It is free of cost (if you choose to have a public domain instead of private domain)

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We love free goods, don’t we?
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Yes, you read it absolutely right! Blogging is quite easy and is free! If you choose to have a domain which is private, then it won’t cost you a penny. Now let me tell you more about private and public domains. If you want to register your domain name and host it, then it becomes a private domain and will cost a few bucks for the domain registration and hosting services. Your site address will be like- www.xyz.com.

Now, if you prefer to have a free public domain then CMSs like WordPress and Blogger will host it for free. Your site address will be like xyz.wordpress.com. You will have restricted rights too. But if you are blogging for fun and not blogging professionally, then it is not a bad option at all!

Let me also remind you that purchasing domains and hosting services is dirt cheap nowadays. After some research on Google, you can easily find a trusted and inexpensive domain registrar and hosting service provider.

#3 It is a platform to express yourself

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Express and impress!
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Got something to share with the whole world? Blogging can be the best platform that you can ever get! Yes, if you blog with true heart and your content has got substance, then your blog will definitely get readers.

If you develop a huge base of followers, then you can successfully monetize your blog too! Again, blogging is the best platform to express yourself because it has a wide reach (if you blog good enough) and it is free!

#4 You can start a blog on your hobby/passion/area of interest


We all got one!


When it comes to blogging, there is no dearth of subjects to blog about. Each of us have our own area of interest, hobby, passion etc. Why not blog about them? It is a great idea, you know. You can share your views, tips, tricks, advice etc related to your hobby.

Don’t think that such a blog of yours won’t get any readers. In fact there are so many successful hobby based blogs out there! There are good blogs related to hobbies like gardening, cooking, music etc. So, if you think you have good knowledge that you want to share with others, then blogging about it is an excellent option. It will benefit you financially also!

#5 Find people who share your interests and get appreciated by them

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Get appreciated for your work!
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This is the best part of blogging, getting appreciated and recognized for your good work! When you blog, you are putting your ideas, tips and tricks before this whole world. People who have similar interests will read your blog. If they find it interesting, then they will come back for more. They will appreciate you for your great work. They will even share their own views and knowledge too. Thus, you may even earn money by blogging. In short, you get to meet hordes of people having similar areas of interest. Thus you can share and gain knowledge by blogging.

So, after going through the 5 points of this list, you must have realized the potential of starting a blog and do consistent blogging. It is easy, you can get it done for free if you want it that way and you get a chance to express yourself, share and gain knowledge and get appreciated for your work. Besides all that, you can also earn a handsome amount of money blogging! But that is when you take blogging more seriously. Hope this article inspires you to start a blog and be of help to others. Please give your valuable feedback in comments section.


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