A reason why many Indian soccer fans are glory hunters


A reason why many Indian soccer fans are glory hunters


What if I say many Indian soccer fans are glory hunters? Many ‘true fans’ of soccer clubs out there are actually ‘glory hunters’. Borussia Dortmund have been grabbing the headline for the past couple fo years thanks to their back-to-back league triumphs and this year’s amazing performance in the UEFA Champions League. Soccer fans back in India never gave a shit about this team. But that was until 3 years ago. With the phenomenal rise of the club, many Indians have started following the team (and Bundesliga!). Now, why did people start supporting a club that they hadn’t cared about previously? Yes, because the club won major honors!

Doesn’t it make us all ‘Glory-hunters’? Many of my friends are Manchester United fans. They will always say how loyal supporters they are and how they supported Man Utd since their ‘childhood’. But the reality is that in India, channels didn’t covered Man Utd matches during their childhood and they didn’t even know what ‘Man Utd’ was. They started following Man Utd and soccer after 2000 (most probably after 2004). By then, Man Utd had won many trophies, they were still winning trophies and were the most successful Premier League club. So people who started following football around that time became ‘Man Utd’ fans. Again, this is plain old ‘Glory-hunting’!

Same case with Chelsea fans. Chelsea under Mourinho reached great heights. They even set a record for the maximum points accumulated by a team in the Premier League. Around that time, many newbie soccer fans jumped into the Chelsea bandwagon and became Chelsea fans! Again glory hunting!

You may easily find Bayern Munich fans in India. But what about Koln fans, what about Bremen fans? You’ll find few (or nil). Successful clubs like Real Madrid, Barca, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool have masses of fans in India.

There is a reason why the number of Barca fans have increased worldwide. Thanks to their renaissance under Pep Guardiola, they have not only won trophies galore, but won new fans also. Majority of Indian soccer fans supports teams that win big trophies (at least when it comes to India). Do you think you will find Sunderland fans in large numbers in India, or Blackburn Rovers fans? No. But you may find some Swansea fans here, thanks to their Cup winning performance this year. So, all this leads us to the conclusion that in India majority of the soccer fans are ‘glory-hunters’. But they refuse to admit it, they are adamant. But after starting supporting a team, many of them stick with club (well, there are others who jump clubs!).

Sunderland Badge

‘Any takers?’- Wikimedia commons

So, basically we tend to support only those teams that are successful. So, doesn’t that make us all glory hunters? Something to ponder about!


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