Real life Rajinikant! True story!

Our country is so full of heroes that we don’t have to look much farther for inspiration. In this article we will read the exploits of a soldier who almost single handedly captured the Tiger Hill, a strategic location during the Kargil war.

a la Rajinikant!

It all started when Ghatak Force, an infantry platoon, of which our hero was a part was asked to capture three strategic bunkers on the Tiger Hills.  The bunkers were so placed that the enemy could easily demolish any living shit who tried to venture upwards. Capturing the bunkers was literally a suicide mission.

Grenadier Yogendra Singh Yadav volunteered to climb the cliff and set up the ropes for others to follow. While he was placing ropes, he came under heavy machine gun fire from one of the bunkers killing the platoon commander and two soldiers while Yogendra Singh sustained three bullet hits in groin and thigh. Thus Yogendra Singh ran back to escape.. Hell no!!! He had other ideas. Injured and bleeding, he climbed the remaining cliff, crawled towards the first bunker and blew it up using a hand grenade. Having thus stopped the machine gun fire, the rest of the Indian troop got the opportunity to climb up.

Yadav and two fellow soldiers moved to the next bunker, where, by  hand to hand combat they eliminated four Pakistani soldiers. Seems like a scene from a kickass action flick right? A la Rajinikant! After watching injured Yadav’s exploits, the rest of the troop got a morale boost and went on to capture third bunker and  thus Tiger Hill. After all that ass kicking of enemy and  taking a dozen of bullets in his body, he was hospitalized. So he died and was awarded the PVC posthumously an…wait the crazy soldier lived on after all that bullet eating, broken arm and injuries.

One man army indeed!!



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