Make money online fast using these 7 proven and trusted ways


Make money online fast using these 7 proven and trusted ways

The concept of making money online changes with time. New concepts are introduced regularly and consistently. Earlier, there was no such concept of earning money using internet. Slowly, things have changed. Now, more and more people are aware of the concept of online money. Also, fortunately for many, the internet has proved to be a platform, where they can work from home and earn a decent income. Here are some reasons for making money online. I’ll be describing to you some new, proven and easy ways to make money online.


We all need money.

I’ve already written a couple of articles about the much searched term ‘making money online’. I’ve already discussed topics like making money online by blogging, freelancing, writing articles, sharing links etc. This list is in no way related to them. This list contains all new proven methods of earning money online. The methods featured in this list are easy and new. Anyone can try them out. All you need is basic knowledge of computer, a computer with internet connection and know-how of using internet and sites. All the money making methods you’ll come to know on this site are genuine and proven! I assure you.

So, without wasting much time, let us go straight to the list- 7 proven ways to make money online:

#1Make money by selling photos


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Yes, you can earn good money by selling and renting your photos. Sounds good, doesn’t it? This money making method will work better for people who have a genuine taste and skill in photography. Many websites and businesses are looking towards amateur photographers for buying photos. For them, this is cheap and they often get good quality pictures. For the amateur photographers, it is a good source of income. A win-win situation for both!

Now, you might ask how and where to sell photos online? Worry not! There are lots of sites dedicated to this purpose. They buy photos from you and sell them to other business houses and sites. This way you earn money for selling your photos. I’m listing some of the photo buying sites here for you- Fotolia, iStockphoto, Shutterfly.

#2 Make money from PPC (Paid Per Click) sites

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PPC sites pay you for clicking advertisements. You might say this is the best and easiest online job ever. But wait, using this method, you earn money art a slow rate. But still, this is a good source of online money especially for teenagers and college students who spend enormous amount of time online. Many players exist in this PPC league. But I advise you to join the trusted players. The trusted PPC sites are regular when it comes to payment of money online. Among many PPC sites, many are bogus sites. They are irregular when it comes to paying money. Whichever PPC site you come across, always remember to do some Google research about them. They I think the best PPC site is Neobux.

#3 Make money by taking paid surveys

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Big companies and corporate houses spend millions of dollars on surveys. Surveys are very important to know the market trend, customer base, customer activities etc. This gives the companies an edge in marketing. Most big companies give this job of surveying to various agents. These agents take both online and regular/traditional survey.

Many of these online surveys are paid surveys. The surveying agencies are willing to pay money to the people who complete the survey. Many sites are dedicated to online paid surveys. It is a good source of making money online and completing a survey doesn’t take much time. Visit this site- They help you earn money online through paid surveys that match your profile.

#4 Online tutoring

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Do you think that you are a good teacher? Are you willing to share your tutorial videos, study material and e-books? Well, then this is a great opportunity to make money online. More and more students are getting introduced to the concept of e-learning. As a part of e-learning, e-classrooms and internet/online based studies are gaining heights rapidly.

This market is relatively new and is full of opportunities for teachers. You can create exclusive study materials and content like- notes, tutorials, video tutorials, e books etc and make them available for download at a cost! If the quality of the material is good, then it will surely find takers and generate online money!

#5 Sell things online (especially collectibles)

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Do you have a very large coin/stamp collection? Want to earn money by selling them? It is simple nowadays, thanks to sites like e bay. You can even sell common household things too on sites like quikr, olx etc. So, why not sell those useless things lying in the attic and make some money? After all, selling things from the comfort of your home is not at all a bad idea.

#6 Make money by Forex Trading


Now, this is an entirely different ball game. Forex stands for Foreign Exchange Market. This is a genuine way of making money online by trading currencies. But to succeed in Forex trading, you have to learn the whole thing up. It involves understanding various concepts of foreign exchange, market trends, exchange rates etc. This proven way of making money requires you to undergo Forex training. If you are seriously interested, you can learn the whole process, start trading online and generate income. Whether you make a profit or loss depends on your trading skills.

#7 Become a YouTube partner and make money


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YouTube is one of the most popular sites on planet Earth. YouTube is home to millions of videos, likes, dislikes and comments. Also, YouTube is a source of income for many! Your YouTube channel and videos can be monetized!

YouTube has a partner program which enables its partners to earn money. But who are YouTube partners you might ask. Many YouTube users get millions of views regularly for their videos. They upload videos regularly. YouTube makes such people their ‘partners’. Now, YouTube puts ads on the videos of its partners and for each click/view the ad gets, the partner earns some money. You may apply to become YouTube’s partner. YouTube will make you partner only when your channel and videos meet their terms, conditions and demands. Read more about YouTube partner program here.



That is it. The list ends here. So, what did you learn from this list? Yes, making money online is very much possible. Some methods helps earn you more money, while others make you earn at a slower rate. But here too, you have to work hard and have to be consistent to earn a nice amount of money. There is nothing like free meals here. You have to work hard for every penny.

Many people doubt the concept of online money. Now, I don’t blame them. I personally want people to be a bit ‘doubtful’ about online money making opportunities. This is due to the fact that this field is so full of fraudsters and scams that it is better to doubt everything. But believe me my readers, these methods that I’ve described to you are all genuine, proven and working. I hope you try these new methods to generate income online.


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