Plants and records


Plants and records

Big tree!

Big tree!- Flickr MM Museum

This list deals with records associated with plants, like the tallest plant ever recorded, smallest one and more. Read this entertaining article for more knowledge.

Smallest flowering plant

Wolffia plant is just 0.66mm long. It is the smallest flowering plant known to man. It’s seeds are also the tiniest, smallest seeds. They weigh 70 micrograms only!

Largest seed

The seeds of coco-de-mer palms can get as long as 30cm. It can weigh upto 20kg.

Tallest tree

The Stratosphere giant is the tallest tree in the world. It stands 112.32m tall. It can be found in the Rockefeller forest, California, USA. It is three times taller than the statue of liberty!

Largest flower.

Rafflessia also known as stinking corpse lily is the largest flower. It is also the smelliest one! It measures 1m and weighs 11kg. It smells similar to rotting flesh. Don’t be afraid, it isn’t a flesh eating flower! The foul smell is used to attract flies, which pollinate the plant.

Largest living thing

the General Sherman Sequioa is the largest living thing. It is located in California, USA. It is 83.8m tall measure 2.53m by its trunk. The entire tree weighs about 2,000tonnes.

Oldest trees

The Bristlecone pine in California is as old as 5,000 years. The Creosote bushes in Mojave desert of USA are believed to have started life 12,000 years ago. Some Japanese Cedars are 7,000 years old. Boababs are 5,150 years old. Trees like Yew, Sequioa and Olive are 2000-5000 years old. The Oaks are 500-600 years old.


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