How to Park Domains and Make Money Online Easily

Today, I’ll discuss a simple, but working way of making money online. It is called domain parking. I guess that many of you are aware of it. But I know that there are many, who are unaware of it. But given the potential of money you can make out of this, I want to everyone to know more of parking domains.


This method just involves buying domain and parking them. You don’t need to start a blog or site to earn money from it. Register a domain name, park it (there are domain parking sites, you’ll get the details soon) and start making money from it. Yes, it is as simple as that! To register a domain at the most economical rate, visit this site.


Making money by Parking Domains

But how does this method work you might ask. After all, you have not done any work on the domain yet. Wait, I’ll describe how it works and generates money. First of all, you have to register a domain name. For that, you must invest some money (very less).


After registering a domain, head straight to a domain parking site. I recommend that you use for parking domains. What these sites do is that they help you monetize your domain.


After you register at their site, they’ll place ads on your domains ‘landing page’. You don’t have to design a site or blog for this. The parking site will place ads relevant to your domain name automatically.


But how does this generate money you might ask. When a visitor types in your domain name, arrives at the landing page and clicks on the ads placed, you’ll be paid certain amount of money! This is how it works. But the better part is that you basically don’t have to do anything.


How to earn more money by Parking domains?

If you follow certain rules and strategies, you can make a handsome amount of money out of domain parking deals. My key strategies are-


Choose Domain names wisely

Yes, this is the first step. Choose a clever and creative domain name. Make slight changes to the spelling of famous sites and register them. People often tend to make spelling mistakes while visiting famous sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.


So, take advantage of it and register domain names similar to those sites. For example-, etc. Those are just examples, they may have already been taken!


By implementing this strategy, the probability of people stumbling upon your domain’s landing page increases dramatically. More traffic means better monetization!


Go for multi domains

Depending on the level of success you achieve, I recommend to go for multi domain parking. The more domains you park, the better you’ll earn!


Register domains related to trending events

This again is a great strategy to increase visitors to your domain. For example, the FIFA World Cup is around the corner. It is the most watched and followed sporting event. Make use of it and register domain names related to it.


That’s all I wanted to share with you. Domain parking can generate good money, if done properly. Out of the many modes of making money online (like paid surveys), this is the one that takes the least effort. But less effort won’t compromise your earnings, if you park domains smartly and strategically.


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