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Out of the many ways to make money online, writing articles is one of my personal favorite! Writing article is a trusted and decent way to earn good amount of money online. The level of success that one gets in this method directly relies on the writing skills and knowledge of that person. Here, I’m listing some good sources and ways, which will help you earn money by writing articles on the internet.

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Before we discuss the main part of the article, let me tell you that writing articles is different from simple data entry jobs. Many confused folks believe that both are one and the same- data entry and article writing. I agree that writing is involved in both these methods and money is earned online in both cases. But, when it comes to data entry, you are just typing in text/material provided to you. In case of writing job, it is not so, in most of the cases. In most cases, you are supposed to ‘create’ and write your own articles! This is where article writing differs from Data Entry. I must say that certain amount of creativity is required on online writing!


To thrive in online article writing and to make decent money, one must have some traits, qualifications and requirements to be met. I’ve listed some of these requirements here-


Qualities required to succeed in online article writing

First of all, you must select some areas of interest/topics, related to which you’ll be writing posts. You just can’t write go on and claim that you can write on all topics! I agree that with some effort, you may do that. But consider this case- if you are not genuinely interested in Forex trading, how can you write an in depth article on the same topic? It will be difficult to do so. Moreover, the quality of your work will suffer, when you try to write on topics you are not familiar with.


Which ever topic/niche you select, you must be genuinely interested in and passionate about that niche. Because then only will you have authoritative knowledge on that niche. And knowledge is the most important factor, when it comes to writing online.


Next comes your network. To get new writing projects and work, your network can be of great help. A good network will ensure that you never run out of work. In case you have no such network of freelance writers, do add them up on Social networking sites and start networking with them. This will help bring more exposure for your works and skills and land you new projects!


Apart from networking, there are some good sites and sources, which offers good online writing opportunities. Not only do they allow you to write articles online, but also make sure that you are handsomely rewarded for your efforts! And I’ve listed some best sources in the next section.


Best sites and sources for simple article writing work to make money online

Below listed are some good sites and sources, where you’ll find such article writing jobs easily! You just need to have serious writing skills and the knowledge of that niche and some creative prowess to make money online this way! Do read the whole list-


#1 Freelancer

This is a freelancing site, which offers its users to find and do article writing jobs. Freelancer is home to many such freelance jobs. It includes- coding, logo designing, PHP development, App making, HTML coding, WordPress blog designing, Graphics work, Data Entry jobs etc.


Freelancer is also home to article writing! Many users are looking for good writers to write articles for them. People are looking to hire writers for writing articles for their sites and blogs.


The topics, highlighted by the client varies. It may be about healthcare, sports, SEO, social media or any other topic. It is up to you to select the suitable work and bid for it.


If your bid is accepted and you manage to land the job, then you must finish the work before the deadline and submit it to the guy who hired you. Upon finishing the quality and originality checkup of th article, you will be paid as promised by the one who hired you.


#2 Some article accepting sites

There are many sites, which accepts user submitted articles and publishes them. They also handsomely reward the user for that published article.


Some of those sites are- Cracked, Listverse and Knowledgenuts. I’ve already mentioned in detail about these sites in an article titled ‘Trusted sites to make money online’. Do read that article to get more information about these sites.


There may be many more sites similar to the ones mentioned here. Please feel free to mention them in the comment section.


#3 Fiverr

Fiverr is very similar to Freelancer, when it comes to the way of functioning. Like freelancer, Fiverr is also home to loads of freelancing jobs. You may even find some ‘crazy’ gigs (freelance work) over there on Fiverr!


You may register at Fiverr and create a gig of yours, an article writing gig. You must create a good and complete gig, complete with all details and description.


Describe things about your gig, like- what you’ll write about, how much money will you charge, provide some examples of your works, display some testimonials etc. These things will help you a lot in getting hired!


If your gig display manages to attract clients, you’ll be getting some work! Make sure that you do good work and complete it before the deadline. You’ll be paid the amount you demanded by the one who availed your service.


#4 Guest Crew

Guest Crew is a guest blogging platform. But, on that forum, many users are also looking for article and content writers.


Upon checking the site, one will get to see threads, where people are looking for good content writers. The good news is that they are even willing to pay the writers well!


Registering on the site is easy. You may also create threads and posts showcasing your writing skills and niches you write about. If you turn out to be lucky, you may land some writing works from Guest Crew!


#5 Facebook

Yes, Facebook can be used as a platform to get writing jobs and projects! As I mentioned above, networking can come handy to get such article writing works. On Facebook, it is very easy to network with players involved in this field!


By networking skillfully, you increase your chances of finding and getting such work! Moreover, there are many blogging related groups on Facebook, where you may advertise/showcase your article writing skills. Many bloggers are looking for writers to contribute to their blogs. Many of them are even willing to pay for it!


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