Starting years of famous sporting events

Want to know when your favorite sporting event started? Read on:


Event                                                         Year

Real Tennis Championship                                      1740

County Cricket Championship                                1827

British Open golf championship                             1860

Football Association Challenge Cup                     1872

Test match cricket                                                        1877

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis                                           1877

English Football League Championship                 1888

Ice Hockey-Stanley Cup                                             1893

US Open golf tournament                                          1895

Davis Cup- Tennis                                                        1900

Le Tour de France                                                       1903

Ryder Cup golf tournament                                      1927

FIFA world cup                                                            1930

F1 championship                                                         1950

Super Bowl                                                                   1967

Cricket World Cup                                                     1975

Rugby Union World Cup                                          1987


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