Office spaces to rent in Navsari (for Low budget enterprises) near railway station


This article is slightly unique. That is because of the fact that we haven’t listed any property or rental related articles on this blog. But this being a multi niche blog, we have the freedom to post articles on any topic under the sun! Well, it is one of the many advantages of having a multi niche blog! Okay, the point here is that we are listing a property in this article. Actually it is a full-fledged house. But the good part is that this massive mansion has been heavily customized by the present owner and has been well partitioned. The construction and arrangements here is in such a way that the whole building can house 4 separate offices!

Now let’s browse through the very basic details and features of this office space-


Details about the offices to be rented out in Navsari-

There is enough room to accommodate 5 independent offices in the building. It is not a flat, it is actually a two floored mansion, with an accompanying garden space.

Offices to be rented out in Navsari

The location of this piece of property to be rented out is in Navsari. Navsari is 60 kilometers away from Surat and Valsad, lying between the above mentioned cities.

The office in question is located opposite the railway station. It is well connected. A road lies just few feet away from the building.

Photos, area and other minute details about the office space will be sent to interested folks when they contact the party using the below contact form. We will get back to you soon with the necessary details.

Two of the office rooms in question are now used by a book store and a computer service center. The rest two are not in use. But the two active ones are soon set to shift due to their personal reasons. This leaves the owner with 4 empty office spaces, which he is looking to rent out as soon as possible. Interested parties may make use of the contact form provided above to get in touch with the party.


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