Octro Teen Patti game craze on wane

A year ago, the game of Teen Patti, Indian cards game, created by Octro was making waves in the gaming world. Especially the Android app released by Octro was downloaded by many Indians. Not only was the game downloaded much, the ones who got the game were addicted to it! Yes, hours were spent by students, working men and even older folks, playing this game.


At one point, the Government of Gujarat even contemplated banning this game in Gujarat state in India. This topic was widely debated in NEWS papers as well as social media sites too.

But fast forward a year and one can observe that the craze has died down. Well, not entirely, but much of the enthusiasm that players had has been blown out!

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The download rate of the game from the app store has reduced. So has the amount of time spent by users playing the game.


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